Swedish Sports Cars
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Swedish sports cars: An introduction to sports cars from Sweden

When you think of famous sports cars, countries like Italy and Germany probably spring to mind before Sweden. But believe it or not, you will find a selection of Swedish sports cars.

In addition to a selection of brands designing sports cars from Sweden, you will find some vehicles with hefty price tags. We’re talking well into the millions.

In this article, we will provide you with an introduction to Swedish sports cars. You’ll learn more about the cars made in Scandinavia’s largest country, along with determining whether the country has a supercar — and much more.

What sports cars are made in Sweden?

You will find more than one kind of Swedish sports car if you visit the country. Besides the vehicles in the standard sports car build, you will also find a selection of ones designed for specific kinds of racing.

Many of the sports cars in Sweden are street-legal, meaning that you can purchase them and use them on the roads. Those particular vehicles are the product of several years’ worth of research, with concepts pulled together from several sources of inspiration.

A lot of the main Swedish sports cars are on the market for varying prices. While some are exclusively a luxury vehicle, you will find others that are a little more accessible to the masses.

Besides the street-legal vehicles, you will find a variety of cars that were designed largely for conceptual purposes. It’s a shame that some of them won’t find their way onto the commercial market, however — as they’re pretty to look at, to say the least.

Is there a supercar from Sweden?

Yes! You will find supercars in Sweden, even if it doesn’t seem like the most logical place for such a vehicle to exist. In addition to many of those designed by foreign brands, you will find a selection of supercars designed in Sweden.

Koenigsegg has a range of supercars in Sweden, including one that it claimed in 2019 to be the world’s fastest car. We’ll talk more about them later in this article, but the company also hit a world record in 2017 for the same reason.

What is Sweden’s fastest car?

The fastest Swedish sports cars are also some of the quickest on the globe. Koenigsegg is very much flying the flag for the country in this respect, with many of its quickest vehicles forming part of the Jesko range.

In 2019, Koenigsegg claimed that it had created the world’s quickest car. The Jesko, according to the Skåne-based manufacturer, can exceed 300 miles per hour as its top speed.

Two years earlier, Koenigsegg bagged the fastest car record in the US. In Nevada, its Agara SG model managed 278 miles per hour.

Since releasing the Jesko, Koenigsegg has not rested on its laurels. The company revealed the Jesko Absolut in March 2020; like the Jesko, the Jesko Absolut is — according to Koenigsegg — able to go beyond 300 miles per hour in speed.

Another of the fastest Swedish sports cars was released on the same day as the Jesko. Koenigsegg’s Gemera model, which is expected to go on the market in 2024, can hit just below 250 miles per hour.

If you drive the car in electric mode, you could hit 186 miles per hour.

What Swedish sports car brands are there?

Now that you know a little more about the Swedish sports car landscape, let’s look at some of the country’s largest brands.

Below are the main companies manufacturing luxury and sports vehicles…

Swedish Sports Cars
Credit: Ben


We’ve talked a lot about Koenigsegg in this article already, and for a good reason; the company is by far Sweden’s flagship sports car brand. Its name comes from the founder and owner, Christian von Koenigsegg.

He started the company in 1994 and set out on a mission to design a sports car that would make the world take notice.

Since then, Koenigsegg has become a popular name in the world of luxury cars. The company has launched several models, with its first street-legal vehicle being revealed eight years after it was founded.

Koenigsegg’s cars have won multiple global awards, including the CCXR being named one of “the world’s most beautiful cars” by American publication Forbes in 2009.

Koenigsegg makes all of its cars in Sweden, and it’s based in Ängleholm — a town in the southern part of the country.

If you want to buy a Koenigsegg car, you can expect a hefty price tag to come with the privilege. For example, the Jesko costs around $3 million.


Lusitano is another sports car brand from Sweden, but it’s not as famous as Koenigsegg. You will notice that the company’s vehicles have a distinctly Italian look and feel.

Lusitano has a selection of cars that are largely designed for Indigo racing. The vehicles have a bulkier build than Koenigsegg; you will find a variety of convertible vehicles for those days when the sun is shining.

The price for a Lusitano car is much lower than Koenigsegg’s range. For example, you can get the 3000R for around $163,000. However, the car is also slower.


Caresto is another car brand in the south of Sweden. The company was founded by a former Koenigsegg employee, who goes by the name of Leif Tufvesson. Tufvesson also worked for Volvo alongside his time at Koenigsegg.

Much of Caresto’s focus goes toward project and concept cars. You will notice that many of them look like vehicles from a previous era, but you’ll also find a selection of modern-looking cars.

In addition to sports cars, Caresto has a selection of cars based on more mainstream vehicles. The company is, like Koenigsegg, based in Ängleholm; it was founded in 2004.

Swedish Sports Cars
Credit: Lynk&Co

Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co doesn’t primarily make sports cars, but that is one of its focus areas. The company is a Chinese-Swedish business, with much of its operations taking place in Asia. It’s relatively new, having been founded in 2016 in Gothenburg.

The company is owned by Geely Automobile Holdings, headquartered in Hangzhou.

Lynk & Co’s 03 Cyan is the main model that you could describe as a sports car. It was based on a vehicle designed for the World Touring Car Cup, with Cyan being the company that developed its concept.

The Lynk & Co 03 Cyan can reach a top speed of around 192 miles per hour.


The final of our Swedish car brands is Rox, and we’re devastated that its GT V8 model is likely not coming onto the market properly. The vehicle was a long-term project, and it’s the end product of a decade’s worth of work.

The GT V8 wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy showroom, and it was revealed in 2017. The car was built in Eskilstuna, a city of just under 70,000 people that is an hour and a half from Stockholm.

Rox put its GT V8 on show at the 2017 Bilsport Custom Motor Show — which took place in Jönköping. It features an Alfa Romeo engine and was designed in Sweden.

Swedish sports cars are few and far between

Swedish sports cars might not be as well-known as vehicles from other parts of the world. However, you will find a ton of creativity within the automotive space here — unsurprising for a country that birthed the likes of Volvo and Saab.

Sports car brands in Sweden challenge many of your perceptions about what a Swedish car would look like. They can reach pretty high speeds, and the main ones at Koenigsegg come with a pretty significant price tag.

If you want to try out a sports car from Sweden, you might be able to find a place to do so locally. Otherwise, you can always pay the country a visit.

When outside of Sweden, you might want to use a Swedish VPN to access the country’s internet. You will find a wide selection of options, and you can check out those here.

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