Stockholm Viewpoints

Stockholm viewpoints: Where to find the best views in Stockholm

Finding the perfect, most picturesque Stockholm viewpoints is one of the best ways to take in as much of the city’s magic as possible at once. Whether you’re gazing across the waterfront at the Stockholm archipelago, or soaking up the incredible architecture, there’s plenty to see.

As one of the most beautiful cities in the Scandinavian landscape (and perhaps the world), Stockholm has no shortage of great views. The capital of Sweden combines natural greenery and forested areas with endless lakes and rivers, gothic buildings, and modern beauty. 

The question is, where do you get the best views for those picture-perfect moments?

While the answer to this query might depend on who you ask (and their visual preferences), there are a handful of places sure to take your breath away. 

Here’s your insider’s guide to the best views in Stockholm.

Before you begin: Finding the best views of Stockholm

Before you jump into an exploration of the various viewpoints and lookouts in Stockholm, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, be aware certain buildings and spaces may not be open at certain times of year, and at specific hours, so make sure you know what’s available when you’re planning your itinerary. 

It’s also worth remembering the best views in Stockholm can change depending on the seasons. Sweden is a place where you can rediscover some of the most amazing sights over and over again, depending on when you visit. 

Hitting up the Skinnarviksberget viewpoint in winter is an entirely different experience to visiting in Autumn when the leaves are still changing.

Most importantly, when visiting any part of Stockholm, make sure you’re respectful. Both the cities and natural spaces in Sweden are sources of great pride for the country. Leaving your litter around or disturbing the beauty of the region in any way isn’t the kind of behavior these Swedes will tolerate.

Don’t forget, if you’re going to be climbing to quite a high spot in Sweden, there’s a good chance you’ll be more likely to feel any winds during the colder months of the year. Plan your clothing appropriately based on where you’re going to be.

Another quick tip? When visiting some of the most popular Stockholm viewpoints listed below, it’s best to go during the early morning hours if you want to avoid the crowds as much as possible.

What’s the best view of Stockholm?

Some people will always argue the best views of Stockholm are situated on the waterfront, where you can see the water sparkling among the various islands around the city. However, there’s a host of other places to discover too if you’re willing to do a little walking.

Stockholm Viewpoints

1. Skinnarviksberget

If you’re already visiting Södermalm for a touch of Swedish retail therapy, and the weather isn’t too bad, you should definitely take a detour to Skinnarviksberget. Easily among the top Stockholm viewpoints, the lookout is easy to discover by taking the tunnelbana to Zinkensdamm.

You’ll need to walk for around five minutes from Zinkensdamm to reach the summit of the Skinnarviksberget hill, which is the highest natural point in the city. If you’re visiting during Summer, you’re sure to encounter plenty of locals here with beers, barbecues, and picnics, enjoying the views.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy an amazing experience in Skinnarviksberget during the colder months too. The winter transforms the landscape with a layer of snow. In spring and autumn, you can discover the unique colors of Stockholm’s natural greenery. 

We’d definitely recommend wearing a good pair of hiking shoes if you want to explore. If you feel like relaxing in Södermalm for a while, check out the phenomenal NOFO hotel.

Stockholm Viewpoints
Credit: Arild Vågen

2. Katarinavägen

Situated on the western side of Södermalm, there’s another excellent opportunity to soak up the best views in Stockholm. Here, the Katarinavägen street delivers an unforgettable 600m of breath-taking views across the water, with slender spires pointing up towards the distance. 

To get to Katarinavägen, you’ll leave the tunnelbana at Slussen and walk east. The views might not seem particularly incredible to begin with, but within no time, you’ll begin to notice just how impressive this street can be. 

Popular among local photographers and tourists alike, Katarinavägen provides landscape views from all sides. On your left, you’ll see some of the nearest central islands to Stockholm in the Baltic sea. 

There’s also the Old Town located to the east, and the impressive Gröna Lund amusement park located towards the west. 

If you’re feeling particularly energetic, you can walk to Fjällgatan for multiple variations of the impressive view. Because you’re just walking along a street in Stockholm, you’re also less likely to be overwhelmed by crowds here. 

Check out the phenomenal Scandic Sjöfartshotellet for a nearby hotel with a passion for sustainability. The lighthouse restaurant even offers some pretty great views itself.

Stockholm Viewpoints

3. Katarinahissen

Otherwise known as the Katarina lift, Katarinahissen is one of the easiest Stockholm viewpoints to visit because it’s located right in the center of the city. 

Opened in the 1800s to offer a shortcut between the lower and higher portions of Södermalm, the lift no longer operates, but you can still check out the viewing deck. The deck provides a fantastic overview of the amazing Galma Stan old town in Stockholm, with its picture-perfect architecture

To take some Instagram-worthy shots from the top of the Katarinahissen take the tunnelbana to Slussen and head through the door “Gondolen”. You can take the lift then climb a flight of stairs to reach the outside terrace. Be cautious of the extra cold winds during the chillier days in Sweden.

Slussen is located beneath the viewing deck — where the Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic sea. On the left, you’ll find the Södermalm island along with a view of the charming houses of Old Town. On your right, you’ll see the Baltic dotted with islands like Skeppsholmen and Djurgården.

If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of some Viking Line ferries from Stadsgården too. There are plenty of options to take pictures, and you can visit the lookout all year round. In the summer, the open-air bar is a must-visit for locals.

For a relaxing stay nearby, check out the affordable Thon Partner Hotel in Kungsbron.

Stockholm Viewpoints

4. Monteliusvägen

Yet another incredible location in Södermalm if you’re looking to stock up on some amazing pictures, Monteliusvägen is regarded by some to provide the very best view of Stockholm. To visit, you’ll need to walk west from Slussen for about ten minutes. 

When you end up at the Ivar Los Park, you’ll have plenty of great sights to explore, including the famous City Hall. There’s also the relaxing Kungsholmen district nearby, and the Västerbron bridge. The unique location of Monteliusvägen makes it ideal for catching a glimpse of Gamla Stan.

While you’re exploring the region, and its amazing view, make sure you take a short walk over to Olle Adolphsons partk, where you can discover some additional perspectives and views of the nearby water. Here, you’ll also find the Olle Adolphsons sculpture. 

For a place to relax right next to the Monteliusvägen region and the phenomenal surrounding water of Stockholm, visit the Rygerfjord hotel. This hotel and hostel is actually a converted ship, where you can sleep right on the waters of lake Mälaren.

Stockholm Viewpoints
Credit: Pavel Maira

5. Västerbron

Bridges often make for a naturally excellent opportunity to soak up some amazing sights. It’s no surprise the “west bridge” or Västerbron is a top spot for enjoying some local sights. The central arch bridge in Sweden stretches over the water in the city, offering amazing panoramic views of the surrounding area. 

The Västerbron bridge links Långholmen with Kungsholmen, so it’s definitely worth walking over if you want to view as much of Stockholm on your trip as possible. While this viewpoint isn’t quite as high as some of the other viewpoints we’ve mentioned, it does give you some good mid-level views. 

As the central bridge in Stockholm, Västerbron also offers one of the best panoramic views of the central part of the city, focusing on Gamla Stan (the old town). Consider strolling back and forth over the bridge a couple of times during the day to see how the lights of the city change. 

The Långholmen Hotel in the middle of the Stockholm is located conveniently nearby. This location is also wonderfully quiet — making it ideal for people who want to relax. 

Stockholm Viewpoints
Credit: Guillaume Baviere

6. Fjällgatan

If you’re looking for a more natural way to discover the amazing views of Stockholm, Fjällgatan could be a bust-visit attraction. This location is actually a road built into the cliffs towering over Slussen in Södermalm, the southern island of Stockholm. 

There’s a great pedestrian area here, where you can stroll along and take in the stunning view of the water and the surrounding backdrop. The road is wonderfully located on the very edge of the cliff, so there’s nothing to get in the way of your panoramic views. 

Picture-perfect throughout all seasons of the year, Fjällgatan is a wonderful spot for those who like to snap pictures, though there’s nowhere to stop and enjoy a picnic. Fortunately, there’s the Fjällgatan’s Kaffestuga café nearby if you’re hoping for a spot of Swedish Fika

There’s also the Herman vegetarian restaurant available, and the Fotografiska Museum if you’re looking to make more of a day of your adventure. Visit Hotel Frantz near the museum for a wonderfully modern experience of staying in Stockholm.

Stockholm Viewpoints

7. Skeppsholmen

Actually, one of the surrounding islands of Stockholm, Skeppsholmen can give you a unique insight into the culture and peaceful vibe of Swedish cities. The location is home to a host of cultural attractions, including the famous Modern Museet, which hosts the works of Pablo Picasso. 

There’s also the Östasiatiska Museet for traditional Asian art. 

To grab an amazing view of Stockholm, you’ll can take advantage of the walkway encircling the island and connecting to Skeppsholmen bridge, which has its very own golden crown. 

The highest point in the island is a leafy spot outside of Östasiatiska Museet, where you’ll be able to gaze into the water and watch the boats glide into the harbour. 

If you’re thinking of visiting a few different islands in the Stockholm archipelago during your time in the capital city, this is definitely a worthwhile place to visit for phenomenal views. 

For a relaxing and beautiful place to stay, head to the nearby Hotel Skeppsholmen. Every room in the hotel offers phenomenal park or sea views.

Stockholm Viewpoints

8. Kaknäs TV Tower

If you’re willing to pay for the best views of Sweden, Kaknästornet, or the Kaknäs TV Tower could be an ideal choice. This telecommunications tower is located within Ladugårdsgärdet in Stockholm, and it’s a major hub of all the radio, satellite, and television broadcasts in the country.

The huge tower is quite a sight to behold on its own. For a few years, it was the tallest building in the Nordic countries, until the Näsinneula was introduced in Finland. 

You will need to pay a price of around 70 SEK to take the elevator journey to the top of the tower — which is a massive 155 metres high. On the plus side, you’ll also have an excellent opportunity to relax with a drink while you’re here. 

There are also some additional places to visit nearby, such as the Kaknäsparken for a picnic, or the wonderful Brunnsslätten, for a stroll through the trees. 

Hotels are hard to come by right next to the tower, but you can always stay in the Villa Källhagen which is just a few minutes away.

Stockholm Viewpoints

9. Stockholm City Hall

Another great spot to visit if you’re willing to pay a little cash, the Stockholm City Hall is the seat for the Stockholm municipality in Sweden, located on the eastern tip of Kungsholmen island. 

The hall is an extremely beautiful building in its own right, and something definitely worth visiting if you want to take a closer look at Swedish history. 

Inside, you’ll find a range of impressive conference rooms, offices, and even phenomenal ceremonial halls. This is also the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet, and it’s one of the major tourist attractions for anyone with an interest in Swedish culture. 

The city hall will cost around 50 SEK to visit — making it reasonably affordable for many travellers. When you’re inside, you’ll be able to climb the (many) steep steps to the top of the building, where you can soak in some stunning views of the Stockholm Old Town. 

The tower is only open throughout certain periods of the year though — usually around May to September, so double check before your visit. 

Since tickets are limited, your best bet of getting to the top of the tower will be to visit in the early morning, before other tourists arrive. 

The Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Stockholm is relatively nearby, but you’ll need to travel over the water to get to the city hall.

Stockholm Viewpoints

10. Evert Taubes Terrass

Relaxed, tranquil, and perfect for anyone in search of Stockholm viewpoints, Evert Taubes Terrass is one of the top places to visit when you’re in the capital. 

You’ll be at eye level with lake Mälaren on the island of Riddarholmen, which gives you some phenomenal sightlines across the water into the Stockholm city hall, as well as Münchenbryggeriet and Södermalm’s coastline. 

If you’re going to be visiting the city hall, you could even attend Evert Taubes Terrass at the same time. Plus, while you’re here, you get to learn about some wonderful history too. 

The namesake for the park, Taube, was a beloved composer and troubadour who lived in the Gothenburg archipelago, and he has his own statue in the park.

The plaza in the western side of Riddarholmen is open for most of the year, but the best time to visit is during the summer. When the sun is setting, you can get some truly phenomenal pictures of the city hall on the other side of the water. 

You won’t be able to stay too close to the Evert Taubes Terrass, so expect to have to travel from your hotel elsewhere in Stockholm.

Stockholm Viewpoints

Bonus: Skansen

Though you may not get a lot of high-rise view points in Skansen, Stockholm, the location is still widely regarded as one of the best viewpoints in the city. It was the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden, located specifically within the Djurgården island. 

Opened in 1891, the museum aims to demonstrate the various ways of life in different parts of Sweden before the industrial era hit. The name Skansen has since been used to refer to other open-air museums and collections of historical architecture throughout Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the US. 

Inside Skansen, you’ll get a fantastic view of Swedish history, with insights into some amazing historical buildings and real-life dwellings. There are even people in period dress here, who can teach you all about the past. 

For picture-perfect views, visit one of the restaurants in the park. These are located in just the right spot to provide fantastic views throughout Stockholm while you sit back and enjoy a spot of Fika. 

Finding the best view of Stockholm

As you can see, finding the best views in Stockholm isn’t hard. There are plenty of amazing points throughout the city where you can stop, relax, and take in some phenomenal sights. Of course, deciding exactly which is the best view of Stockholm will depend heavily on you. 

The good thing about Stockholm is it’s relatively easy to travel around the city and through the surrounding islands. This means if you’re visiting Sweden for a few days, or a week, you might be able to create your itinerary with a specific focus on visiting some of the Stockholm viewpoints mentioned above. 

If you do choose this strategy, remember some of the more popular viewpoints are likely to get quite busy and cluttered around lunch time, when people want to stop for a picnic or get a bite to eat. Visiting early in the morning might help you to avoid some of the crowds.

This being said, some of the best Stockholm views are definitely more magical during sunset, when the colors of the sun help to bring the water and surrounding buildings to life. If you can visit some of your favorite spots multiple times, try snapping pictures at different times of the day.

Remember, there’s a lot more to Stockholm than just great views too. You’ll also be able to check out a host of amazing stores, architecture, and local attractions. Read through some of our articles to exploring Stockholm for more insights before your trip. 

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