Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen

Your 2022 guide to Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen: Enjoy fine dining in the Danish capital

If you visited Copenhagen 20 years ago, you would be forgiven for thinking that you had ventured into a culinary wasteland. Because the truth is that, well, you would have. Those days are long gone; Denmark’s capital city has grown into one of Europe’s most dynamic destinations for foodies, and you’ll find over a dozen Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen today.

Led by some fantastic chefs and dedicated hospitality teams, Copenhagen’s Michelin star-rated restaurants offer everything from authentic Nordic recipes to the exotic tastes of true Thai cooking and everything in between. 

Depending on the type of culinary experience you’re after, you’ll almost certainly find something to suit your tastes — even if you need to join a waiting list before you can experience it.

If you’re only coming for one visit, you’ll have your work cut out trying to sample all of the Michelin restaurants in Copenhagen. Unless, of course, you’re up for a challenge; if you manage to do so, you have our kudos.

Anyway, we’ve talked enough for now. Let’s dig in and discover all of the restaurants with Michelin Stars in Copenhagen. We’ve broken down this guide into separate sections for establishments with one, two, and three stars to make it easier for you to do your research.

How many Michelin Star restaurants are there in Copenhagen?

At the time of writing in March 2022, the Michelin Guide Nordic Cities 2022 hasn’t yet been released; you’ll need to wait until September for that one. However, we do have access to the 2021 edition.

In the 2021 guide, 14 restaurants across the city received at least one Michelin Star. You’ve got to remember that Copenhagen is home to just over 1.3 million people, so that figure is pretty impressive.

As for location, Copenhagen’s Michelin Star restaurants are all over the place. Some you’ll find in the heart of the city, but others require a bit more of a trek into the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Many of them are located in venues that are almost as interesting as the food, including Medieval cellars, old inns, industrial warehouses, and overlooking many of Copenhagen’s best views.

When putting Copenhagen up against the other capitals in the Nordic countries, Denmark’s largest city has the most Michelin Star restaurants. Stockholm is in second place with 10, while Helsinki sits third with seven. Oslo has four Michelin Star restaurants, while the Icelandic capital Reykjavík has one. 

Between the 14 restaurants with a Michelin Star in Copenhagen, 23 stars have been rewarded.

What are the three-star Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen?

Now that we’ve covered the basics about Copenhagen’s Michelin Star restaurant scene, we can move on and take a deeper dive into each of these establishments.

For many restaurants, receiving that elusive third star is a huge achievement. Typically, the necessary people who decide will need to come along at least 10 times before you can obtain one.

Two restaurants in Copenhagen have received three-star status, and we’ll look at both of them below — starting with one you’ve almost certainly heard of.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: Rasmus Hjortshoj | v2com


NOMA is arguably the most famous restaurant in Scandinavia, let alone Copenhagen. Located in idyllic surroundings close to the core of Christianshavn, NOMA is a pioneer in the New Nordic Cuisine movement.

It has impressed people so many times that the restaurant has won the Best Restaurant in the World five times since opening in 2003.

The NOMA team has drilled deep into the culture and nature of Denmark, distilling what they find into authentic recipes that reflect the region. You don’t even need to step inside to see this; the building features a beautiful and airy feel that defines “hygge” and highlights the brilliance of Danish interior design.

As for the eating experience, it can be pretty eye-opening. You’ll find a fixed menu featuring a multi-course banquet with exotic recipes and unique concoctions.

NOMA ensures that it uses the finest produce by organizing the menu into three seasons.

  • Vegetable Season: June 25th-September 21st;
  • Game and Forest Season: October 15th-December 21st;
  • Seafood Season: January 7th-June 13th.

NOMA is open from 17:00-23:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. If you want to reserve a table, you’ll need to think well in advance. The restaurant opens bookings a few times a year, and you need to get in quick to secure a reservation. You also need to be prepared to pay upfront.

NOMA is on Refshaløen, a repurposed former industrial island. It’s roughly 15 minutes from the city center by bike, and you can also get here by bus or boat.

The journey is shorter by taxi, but you should note that cabs in Copenhagen are expensive. Then again — if you’re already paying $400+ for a meal, is money really at the top of your concerns?

  • Vibe: Natural, earthy, friendly.
  • Taste: New Nordic.

Refshalsvej 96, 1432 København K


+45 32 96 32 97 (the phone line is open Tuesday – Friday, 11:00 – 16:00)

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: Subhash Roy


Until NOMA received its third star, Geranium was the only Michelin Star restaurant in Copenhagen to fall into this category. The restaurant is located inside Parken, the stadium where FC Copenhagen — one of Denmark’s most successful soccer teams — plays its home games.

You’ll need to get to the 8th floor inside the building to access the restaurant.

Geranium was named the world’s second-best restaurant in 2021, missing out on the top spot to NOMA. The Head Chef at the restaurant is Rasmus Kofoed, who is also the establishment’s co-founder. In 2011, the Dane was crowned the winner of the Bocuse d’Or — the award for the best chef on the planet.

You can enjoy a full tasting menu, which is — of course — exceptional. At Geranium, you’ll find a varied menu with several exquisite dishes. You’ll also feel the chefs’ dedication, who often come out to explain each dish, and the tour of the wine cellar and kitchen offers an extra touch to your experience.

From the restaurant, you can take in a fabulous view of Fælledparken — which is Copenhagen’s largest park. You can also grab a unique view of the Danish capital that few people get to see, along with looking over the Øresund toward Sweden.

Geranium is open on Wednesday evenings for dinner and Thursday through Saturday for both lunch and dinner. You can walk here from Trianglen Metro station.

  • Vibe: Modern, open, fresh.
  • Cuisine: Nordic, but with international influences.

Per Henrik Lings Allé 4 (8th Floor), 2100 København Ø


+45 53 82 76 67

What are the two-star Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen?

While NOMA and Geranium lead the way, receiving two Michelin Stars is no mean feat. The Danish capital has several places to eat that fall into this category; we’ve identified all of the two-star restaurants in Copenhagen below.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: Søren Gammelmark | Copenhagen Media Center


AOC is almost as central as you can get in Copenhagen. The restaurant is right next to the beautiful Nyhavn harbor and Kongens Nytorv, where you’ll find the historic Hotel D’Angleterre.

The venue is particularly interesting, serving meals within a high-vaulted cellar of Moltkes Palæ, a mansion from the 17th century. The interior is also very simple and cozy but rather serenely beautiful with white-washed ceilings.

AOC offers a full tasting menu, which has multiple courses and will almost certainly have you feeling full once you’re ready to go home. You can pick from a large selection of wines, which come from several corners of the globe.

The restaurant is co-owned by Søren Selin, a Danish chef who is renowned across the world for his culinary expertise. All dishes are seasonal, and the produce is local. As such, AOC always changes its menu based on availability.

You can expect simple dishes that offer clean flavors and exceptional quality.

AOC is easily reachable from Kongens Nytorv and Marmorkirken Metro stations. Alternatively, it’s 5-10 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station by bike.

  • Vibe: Peaceful, refined, understated.
  • Cuisine: New Nordic.

Dronningens Tværgade 2, 1302 København K.


+45 33 11 11 45

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: City Foodsters


If you ask any Dane for recommendations on where you can visit for a summer holiday, you’ll almost certainly hear Bornholm mentioned a few times. Located in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Poland, this idyllic island features outstanding natural scenery and a laid-back vibe.

To taste the flavors of one of Denmark’s most loved islands, you don’t have to travel outside Copenhagen. Kadeau Copenhagen is actually the sister-restaurant of their first establishment, which still operates on Bornholm and has a Michelin Star of its own.

Kadeau, which is in the bohemian district of Christianshavn, has a fantastic tasting menu that uses ingredients from their farm in Bornholm — many of which have been pickled, cured, fermented, and smoked, adding some exciting twists to the dishes.

Because of this natural approach to using local produce, the menu is seasonal. Pressing the entrance buzzer of the big blue door you almost feel like you’re visiting a friend as you enter the intimate venue and are welcomed with an open-plan kitchen. 

At Kadeau, you can choose an alcohol-free menu if you don’t want to drink. If you do, though, you’ll find several wines to choose from. Christianshavn can be noisy on the main street, but luckily, the restaurant is on a quiet side-street.

It’s roughly five minutes from the Metro station in that area, though you can easily bike here from both Amager and the city center.

  • Vibe: Cozy, classy, intimate.
  • Cuisine: Bornholmsk/New Nordic.

Wildersgade 10b, 1408 København K


+45 56 97 82 50

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: City Foodsters


Alchemist is a relatively new two-star restaurant that’s in roughly the same area as NOMA. The restaurant has a holistic approach to dining, and you’ll eat in a room that can only be described as unique.

Alchemist received its second Michelin Star in 2020 and has moved to a new location in Refshaløen that is larger than the original venue — which only had 15 seats. The restaurant was founded by the Danish chef Rasmus Munk.

At the Alchemist, you can enjoy a meal that spans almost 50 courses and takes several hours to complete. You can find several alcoholic drinks on the menu, including a huge wine cellar.

Like NOMA, you can get to Alchemist via bike, bus, and water taxi.

  • Vibe: Mysterious, stimulating, eye-opening.
  • Cuisine: Varied.

Refshalevej 173C, 1432 København


+45 31 71 61 61


If you venture to the northern suburbs of Copenhagen, you’ll discover high-end housing, along with beaches and forests — plus residents with a lot of money. Jordnær is in Gentofte, which forms part of the commune that some of Denmark’s wealthiest neighborhoods are in.

In Danish, Jordnær means “down to earth”. The restaurant received its first Michelin Star within 10 months of opening back in 2018 and has gone from strength-to-strength since.

Eric Kragh Vildgård leads the kitchen at Jordnær. He spent three years at NOMA, and that experience has evidently rubbed off on him. The tasting menu is incredible, so much so that Michelin describes them as “pure and harmonious”.

The venue itself has a great history, too. Jordnær operates out of the Gentofte Hotel, which dates back to 1666. It’s roughly 10 kilometers north of Copenhagen, so a bit more out of the way, but you can reach it by car or via train; you just get off at Gentofte Station. 

  • Vibe: Cozy, friendly, wholesome.
  • Cuisine: Danish.

Gentoftegade 29, 2820, Gentofte


+45 22 40 80 20

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: City Foodsters

Kong Hans Kælder

If you’re looking for fine dining in a beautiful interior, you can do worse than Kong Hans Kælder. The restaurant is inside Magasin Du Nord, which is one of Copenhagen’s largest department stores, and in a building on Kongens Nytorv that wouldn’t look out of place in Paris.

Speaking of Paris, Kong Hans Kælder has a very clear French influence on its menu. The signature menu includes dishes like French cheese tart, oysters, quail eggs, and much more.

Kong Hans Kælder is a new addition to the list of Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen with two-star status. The establishment, of which Mark Lundegård is the Head Chef, received its second Michelin Star in 2021.

To get to Kong Hans Kælder, your best bet is to take the Metro to Kongens Nytorv. From there, it’s a short walk to the restaurant. If you’d rather cycle, the restaurant is roughly 10 minutes from the main square in Copenhagen.

  • Vibe: Cozy, secretive, friendly.
  • Cuisine: Nordic/French.

Vingårdstræde 6, 1070 København K


+45 33 11 68 68

What are the one-star Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen?

So far, in our guide to restaurants with Michelin Stars in Copenhagen, we’ve covered the big-hitters. You now know which places have two and three stars, in addition to what those restaurants typically serve on their menus.

Copenhagen has plenty of restaurants with one Michelin Star, all of which are excellent places to eat — and often have a slightly lower price tag than those we’ve already mentioned. Below, we’ll go into each of them with a little more depth.


Many people who visit Copenhagen, along with Copenhageners themselves, dream of staying at Hotel D’Angleterre. This hotel is arguably the best known in the city, and staying here comes at a premium. It has a fancy spa inside, as well as a Michelin Star restaurant named Marchal.

Marchal’s settings are as fancy as the building it’s located inside of. Like Kong Hans Kælder, the restaurant brings a distinctive French flavor to the taste-buds of those that visit.

You can grab a seat outdoors during the warmer months and enjoy fine dining while watching the fashionable locals zip by on their bikes.

To get to Marchal, you can take the Metro to Kongens Nytorv. Alternatively, you can cycle for roughly 10 minutes from the city center.

  • Vibe: Welcoming, friendly.
  • Cuisine: New Nordic combined with French.

Kongens Nytorv 34, 1050 København K


+45 33 12 00 94

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: cyclonebill


Close to the border of Indre By and Østerbro, you’ll find a restaurant that matches these districts’ exclusive vibe: Kokkeriet. This establishment is yet another big hitter in the New Nordic movement, featuring fresh flavors sourced seasonally.

Kokkeriet has several menus and caters to pescetarians, vegans, and vegetarians – as well as those that eat meat. If you don’t want to sit inside and eat, you can order takeaway from Kokkeriet and enjoy fresh Nordic flavors from somewhere else.

Inside Kokkeriet, you’ll see an example of what Denmark excels at — minimalist design and a cozy atmosphere.

  • Vibe: intimate, welcoming.
  • Cuisine: New Nordic.

Kronprinsessesgade 64, 1306 København K


+45 33 15 27 77

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: Royal Export

Formel B

Vesterbro is one of Copenhagen’s best districts for food and drink, and Frederiksberg is one of the most affluent. Cross both of those, and what do you get? Formel B. This restaurant has had a Michelin Star since 2004, which was the early days of the New Nordic Cuisine revolution.

Formel B offers several dishes on its menu, which include fish, potatoes, and more. You can choose to order a single dish, but tasting menus are also available.

To get to Formel B, you can cycle to the top end of Vesterbrogade; it should take you roughly 10 minutes from the city center. Alternatively, you can get the Metro to Frederiksberg Allé and walk.

  • Vibe: Cozy, intimate.
  • Cuisine: New Nordic.

Vesterbrogade 182, 1800 Frederiksberg


+45 33 25 10 66

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: Heather Cowper

Kiin Kiin

In recent years, Copenhagen’s food scene has enjoyed plenty of Asian influences — and the best example of that is at Kiin Kiin. Kiin Kiin is the only Thai restaurant in Copenhagen with a Michelin Star and one of the only establishments with this cuisine to hold such an accolade outside anywhere.

Kiin Kiin is in Nørrebro, which is Copenhagen’s most multicultural district. The menu features a seven-course meal that should take roughly two hours to complete. Dishes include grilled beef, yellow curry crab salad, and much more.

To get to Kiin Kiin, you can take the metro to Nørrebros Runddel. From the city center, you can cycle across Dronning Louises Bro; the restaurant is close to Assistens Kirkegaard.

  • Vibe: Relaxed.
  • Cuisine: Thai.

Guldbergsgade 21, 2200 København N


+45 35 35 75 55

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: City Foodsters

Søllerød Kro

Just north of Copenhagen, you’ll find Søllerød Kro — a Michelin Star restaurant in peaceful surroundings. Menus range between seven and nine courses, and you’ve got a good selection of foods and wines available.

Before you visit, you’ll need to contact the restaurant to confirm which menu you’d like. Getting here from Copenhagen by public transport can be tricky; you can take the S-train to Holte, from which the restaurant is five minutes away by bus.

The journey from door-to-door takes roughly 40 minutes.

  • Vibe: Relaxed, friendly.
  • Cuisine: French.

Søllerødvej 35, 2840 Holte


+45 45 80 25 05

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: Alison Vagnini | Copenhagen Media Center


Closer to the city, you’ll find Alouette — a restaurant featuring a stereotypically well-designed Danish interior. The restaurant’s menu changes all the time and — like many on this list — features in-season ingredients. You’ll receive a five-course meal when you visit.

Alouette received its Michelin Star in 2019, shortly after the restaurant opened. You’ll find the venue close to Islands Brygge; you can take the Metro and waterbus to the namesake stations.

  • Vibe: Peaceful.
  • Cuisine: New Nordic.

Sturlasgade 14, 2300 København S


+45 31 67 66 06

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen
Credit: Michael Jepsen | Copenhagen Media Center

The Samuel

Rounding off our list of the current Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen is The Samuel. This off-the-beaten-path restaurant is in a repurposed villa and features influences from numerous cuisines across Southern Europe. You’ll find the restaurant in Hellerup, which is just north of Copenhagen.

In addition to its Michelin Star, The Samuel has won several other awards. To get here, get the S-train to Hellerup; from there, it’s a short walk.

  • Vibe: Peaceful, casual.
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean.

Hellerupvej 40, 2900 Hellerup


+45 21 17 85 56

Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen are a key part of the city’s culinary prowess

Are you feeling inspired? Good. You’re probably also feeling hungry. Also good. Because Copenhagen’s reputation for world-class dining is well deserved and you’re going to be presented with some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking culinary masterpieces. 

Of course, you might not love every course that’s presented. When it comes to taste, everyone has their favorites and their not-so-favorites. But that’s all part of the journey: exploring the unknown. Which, in a sense, can be pretty exhilarating. 

There is one thing you can be sure of, though: Michelin stars may come and go, but Copenhagen’s ability to excite, delight, and surprise diners aren’t going anywhere. You can guarantee that the number of Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen will increase in years to come, too.

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