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Meet Jays Audio, the Swedish headphone innovators


Sweden is one of the most incredible places in Scandinavia, and the world. Known across the globe for its engaging history, amazing architecture and delicious food, Sweden is a must-see on anyone’s bucket list. 

This incredible location is also home to some of the most innovative designers in the world. 

Jays, a company with its own Swedish roots, began life in 2006.

The Jays Audio company builds on the vision that everyone should have the same access to incredible sound and design. According to the creators behind Jays headphones and wireless speakers, the goal is to create the ultimatecompanion for the music lover. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Jays. 

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The Jays Audio company: A brief introduction

Jays, Sweden, launched almost 15 years ago at the time of writing, with a mission to design the perfect personal companions for today’s audio fans. Jays believes in being on the forefront of the technology and design landscape with every set of earbuds speakers they create. 

Consistently true to their Scandinavian vision of excellent quality of life, mixed with design, Jays audio remains rooted in its Swedish heritage. The team says that its design philosophy emphasizes harmony through a robust blend of style and functionality. 

Like many Scandi designers, Jays uses a lot of sleek curves and clean lines in its creations, allowing for a clean and minimalist approach. 

Designing nothing more or less than amazing audio, Jays creates products that emphasize the fundamental human values we all crave, from simplicity and beauty, to quality and balance. 

Jays headphones and wireless earbuds

Jays headphones range from the m-Five true wireless earbuds, to the q-Seven wireless over-ear headset. There’s something to suit every need, from sweat-proof solutions for life on the move, to robust products with over 25 hours of battery life. 

Let’s check out some of the top products. 

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1. Jays earbuds (m-Five true wireless)

The m-Five True Wireless earbuds from Jays offer 18 hours of playtime, mixed with a sweat-proof and IPX5 rated design. These touch-controlled wireless earbuds make listening to your favorite music simple and intuitive. 

You get around 4.5 hours of playtime on a single charge, but the pocket-sized charging case means you don’t run out of juice too fast. 

The m-Five also belongs to Jays earbuds’ motion series, so you can rest assured that they’ll stay in place no matter how hard you’re working out at the gym. 

These headphones are sweat proof, splash-proof, and voice-control equipped. 

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2. Jays headphones (q-Seven wireless)

The q-Seven wireless Jays headphones come with a full 30 hours of playtime, as well as a comfortable over-ear design. Equipped with active noise cancellation to reduce discomfort and distractions, these Jays headphones have it all. 

You can choose your focus zone using the different active noise cancellation levels, and there’s a personal assistant for easy access too. 

Easy to control, lightweight, and brimming with comfort features, the Jays q-Seven wireless headphones have everything you need to stay focused. 

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3. Jays earphones (a-Six wireless)

If you’re looking for a pair of in-ear headphones that aren’t going to fall out when you’re on the move, the Jays a-Six Wireless could be perfect for you. 

These are some of the smallest headphones in the market today, but they still offer an excellent problem-free wireless connection. 

The small but powerful a-Six Jays earphones are well-made, comfortable, and designed to provide amazing Bluetooth performance. The aluminium metal housing also ensures that your headphones will stand the test of time. 

Though these headphones are wireless, they do come with one cord to keep them safe around your neck. 

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4. Jays headset (x-Five wireless)

If on-ear headphones are more your style, then the lightweight and foldable design of the x-Five wireless headphones could be just what you need. These Jays headphones have microphone access for your smart assistant, and control buttons built-in. 

There’s also a 20 hour battery life, which should be more than enough to get you through your day. 

The foldable headband and rotating ear-cups mean that you can take your Jays wireless headphones with you wherever you go, without having to worry about storage space. 

What’s more, the memory foam padded ear cushions adapt and customize their shape to fit your ear perfectly.

Jays wireless speakers 

Jays headphones aren’t the only options available for audio lovers who want to explore Swedish design principles. Jays Bluetooth speakers are also gaining popularity at an incredible pace. 

Jays offers products for multi-room performance around your house, or compact products that you can take with you on the move. 

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1. Jays s-Go One

The Jays s-Go One is a portable speaker with a built-in bass radiator and up to 10 hours of playtime. The built-in microphone means that you can enjoy hands-free calls wherever you are. 

Plus, this device comes with a cord attached so you can hang it from your wrist when you’re on the move. 

The s-Go One promises portable sound and amazing performance, without breaking the bank. The clean, simple, and functional design highlights all the beauty and sophistication of Scandinavian manufacturing. 

There’s even the option to choose your Jays wireless speakers in a range of colors. This small speaker is compact enough to slip into virtually any pocket or bag when you’re ready to get out and about. 

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2. Jays s-Go Three

The s-Go Three from Jays is very similar to the S-Go one in a lot of ways. It’s a compact device that offers exceptional sound on the move. 

You’ll discover 10 hours of playtime with this product, including 360-degree sound that can fill the room wherever you are. 

Like many of the Jays wireless speakers, the Jays s-Go Three comes with a built-in microphone, combined with Jays signature sound quality. If you’re looking for deep and consistent audio in all directions, the s-Go Three has you covered. 

You can also control the volume or take calls hands-free with your smart assistant once set up. The high-performance speaker system comes with a travel pouch for easy transport. 

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3. Jays s-Living One

If you’re looking for a multi-room speaker from Jays, then the s-Living One could be the ideal option. This Wi-Fi speaker is a little chunkier than some of the other portable products we’ve discussed so far. 

The slightly larger size, however, does mean that you get a lot more functionality. Compact and elegant, the s-Living One is a powerful speaker for anyone who wants a great music experience without compromising on style. 

You can keep the music flowing wherever you are with the MultiRoom function from Jays, plus there’s support for additional speakers in different parts of your house through AirPlay 2 or built-in Chromecast. 

The s-Living One supports a truly uninterrupted experience, complete with Spotify Connect, and a range of colors to choose from. 

Is Jays a good brand?

If you’re looking for a reliable speaker or headphone brand, then it’s hard to go wrong with Jays Audio. This Swedish-based brand covers everything from multi-room Wi-Fi speakers to compact and powerful headphones that can travel with you around the world. 

Sleek and stylish, Jays headphones and speakers stand the test of time, holding true to the qualities that many Scandinavian designers hold dear. 

Within these Swedish devices, you can see elements of Scandinavian product design, ranging from minimalist curves and lines, to simple yet functional beauty. 

Jays reminds the world what amazing audio can sound like, without compromising on design quality or performance. For those who want the perfect blend of affordability, aesthetic appeal, and convenience, Jays is a brand that’s not to be missed. 

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