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The best map of Scandinavia: Superb Scandinavian maps

Looking for the best map of Scandinavia? You’ve got plenty of choices. Scandinavia is one of the most beautiful places on earth, brimming with impressive things to do and see. 

Yet, there are still countless people who don’t fully understand which countries belong to the Scandi region, or even what this landscape looks like. 

Scandinavian maps are an excellent way to learn more about the space, and even plan your upcoming vacation

Sometimes, a Scandinavian map can even answer some of the questions you might have about which countries exist in Scandinavia from a geographical or political perspective. 

Since there are so many map options to consider, we decided to save you some time (and effort).

Here’s your inside scoop on some of the best Scandinavian maps on the market, both physical and digital, and where you can find them. 

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The antique map of Scandinavia

For an insight into the incredible history of Scandinavia, nothing matches an antique Scandinavia map. You can find plenty of websites online selling rare maps that showcase the ever-evolving Baltic region in all of its glory. 

The Octava Europe Tabula map, for instance, highlights the regions of the Baltic, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Poland. 

The great thing about a product like this is that it’s not just there for educational purposes. The stunning appearance and hand-painted elegance make this piece a true work of art. 

Of course, if you’re buying authentic vintage maps, you’ll need to go in expecting a significant expense. Some antique maps start at a price of around $500, like the Europae Tabula VIII map

Other alternatives will cost several thousand dollars. 

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The National Geographic map 

If you like the idea of having Scandinavian maps that you can display on your walls at home, but you need something slightly more modern, National Geographic has you covered. 

The map of Scandinavia produced by National Geographic is available in a range of sizes to suit any space, and it tells you everything you need to know about the Nordic regions

Probably one of the most detailed, and largest maps of the region, the classic map from National Geographic uses an easy-to-read color pallet to guide you through Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark. 

This representation of Scandinavia on a Map also includes thousands of place names and highly accurate depictions of national parks, political boundaries, and infrastructure networks. 

Up-to-date as of 2019, this map will ensure that you’re ready to answer any question that anyone has to ask about the borders of Scandinavia and the Scandinavian peninsula. 

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Historic map of Scandinavian countries

One of the things that makes finding the perfect map of Scandinavia so tricky is that the countries included in the region differ depending on who you ask. 

While many people can gesture to Scandinavia on a map, they can’t always tell you which countries belong to the peninsula from a political or historical perspective. 

This historic map of Scandinavia is a custom-printed way to learn about the area. The company only prints one map at a time, using first-class printers and archival paper. 

Ensuring you can enjoy your map for years to come, the creator digitally cleans and restores all historical products, to remove distracting flaws while maintaining crucial information. 

This beautiful museum-grade map is ideal for those who want to learn more about how Scandinavia has evolved over the years. It could also be a brilliant wall hanging or art piece for someone who appreciates the Scandi way of life. 

What better way to show you love all-things Scandinavia than with a historical map of the region on your living room wall?

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The political Scandinavia map 

A political map of Scandinavia is an excellent way to get a look at the peninsula from a different perspective. As you may already know, the countries that belong to Scandinavia can differ depending on whether you’re looking at them from a political or geographical perspective. 

This political Scandinavian map covers Fennoscandia, the region of Northern Europe that includes the Scandinavian Peninsula (with both Sweden and Norway), as well as Finland, Karelia, and more.

Scandinavian maps that look at the region from a political perspective offer an exciting alternative for people who believe there’s more to a location than its geographical routes. 

The Nations Online project highlights the regions of Scandinavia from a political perspective online, but you can also find printable versions of this map around the web too. 

Map of Scandinavia 6

The Carta Marina map of Scandinavia 

The Carta Marina map of Scandinavia is modelled on an ancient map designed by cartographer and writer Olaus Magnus. This particular Scandinavian map dates back as far as 1539, showcasing the incredible evolution of the Scandi region over the years. 

If you’re looking for a historical artefact that doubles up as a beautiful art piece, this could be the ideal map for you

Large enough to really showcase some amazing detail and small enough to fit in most rooms, this beautiful map benefits from subdued colors that enhance its vintage appeal. 

You also get plenty of information in the corner of the map to help you understand where different political and historical lines are in the Nordic region. 

The Carta Marina map is a marine map, which means that it focuses heavily on the harbours and water ways around Scandinavia. It’s an interesting look at the location that goes beyond the basics of capital cities and land.

Map of Scandinavia 7

The Wee Blue Coo map

This high-quality reproduction art print celebrates the history and beauty of the Scandinavian region with a closer look at Sweden, Norway, and Finland. 

One particularly appealing thing about this Scandinavian map is that it appears to be hand-drawn, giving it a much more rustic and authentic finish. There are also subtle colors throughout the image to show where boundaries between each country lie. 

The Wee Blue Coo Map highlights the amazing topography of Scandinavian countries, showcasing the rocky mountains and fjords that attract countless tourists every year. There’s also some interesting information about the seas surrounding the Nordic region too. 

Another bonus for this Scandinavia map is that it comes with a depiction of various Scandinavian historical coats of arms on the top left of the page. This is a true collector’s item for someone who holds Scandinavia close to their heart. 

Map of Scandinavia 8

Fodor’s Essential Scandinavia

A map of Scandinavia doesn’t have to be an artistic marvel to be useful. If you’re planning an upcoming trip to the region, then an accurate map of the Nordic region will often be more helpful when it’s pocket-sized. 

This Fodor’s Essential map of Scandinavia highlights everything you need to know about Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. 

Featuring individual maps of each country, this product makes a fantastic companion for the avid traveller. Designed in full-color, you’ll find plenty of insights into the climate and landscape at different points in your Scandinavian journey. 

There’s also plenty of information too. 

As you flip through the pages of your map/guidebook, you’ll learn about the incredible geothermal pools in Iceland, and the authentic relaxation available in Finnish saunas. You might even discover a few handy places to track down Nordic cuisine

Map of Scandinavia 9

The minimalist map of Scandinavia 

Many of the best maps of Scandinavian countries are packed full of color and information. Historical and antique maps use different shades to highlight the boundaries between counties and add extra lines to the terrain to represent mountains and hills. 

However, there are some alternative options out there if you’re looking for something simple. 

Since Scandinavia is best-known for a minimalist approach to style, a simple map makes a lot of sense. This minimalist art poster from Etsy uses a simple set of lines to showcase the compelling shape of the Scandinavian region. 

The monochrome pallet makes the map design a lot less obtrusive — so you’re more likely to find a place for it in your home. At the same time, there’s still plenty of information and detail included on the print itself. 

That means that you can still use this map to learn about the Scandi region. 

Map of Scandinavia 10

Michelin Scandinavia Finland map

Another example of a Scandinavian map that’s more function than form. The Michelin Scandinavian Finland map is a simple pocket-sized guide to the region, ideal for those interested in Finland and the Northern Nordic region. 

Although the design of the fold-out map is pretty easy to read, it’s worth noting that the guidelines aren’t in English, so you may need to learn a thing or two about Finnish before you use this product. 

If you prefer something catered to English people, then the Finland and Northern Scandinavian map from National Geographic might be a better alternative. 

The National Geographic version shares similar information to the Michelin option, though there’s a lot more information about how to find specific cities and towns. You’ll also find some details on ecological, cultural, and historical destinations in this map too. 

Map of Scandinavia 11

1680 antique map of Scandinavia

This 1680 antique map of Scandinavia is just one example of the beautiful products artists can create using historical information and a bit of creativity. This vintage wall map is sensational, with a hand-drawn aesthetic and an in-depth look at the amazing Baltic sea. 

You’ll see all the Baltic states on this product, as well as plenty of information about Northern Europe. 

Like many of the Scandinavian maps that also double as artworks, this product is available in a range of sizes and materials so that you can showcase it on your wall at home. 

The pull-down chart option or the canvas print are two of the best options if you want to preserve the special vintage appeal of this design. 

Aside from being one of the most attractive Scandinavian maps we’ve seen, this product is also one of the more detailed, covering a huge amount of information. You can even see what kind of terrains you can expect from different locations in the Nordic landscape. 

Unique ways to put Scandinavia on the map

The kind of Scandinavian map that you choose will depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re in search of education into Scandi history, then an antique map outlining the incredible water ways and marinas around the Nordic landscape might be the perfect choice for you. 

If you need an accurate guide to help you find your way on your vacation, consider getting a map specifically for the space you want to visit. 

For instance:

  • Denmark: For Denmark, the National Geographic Adventure map is a brilliant waterproof and tear-resistant option, designed to guide you around motorways, express ways and other environments in the Scandinavian region. 
  • Sweden: For Sweden, try the Marco Polo map. This pocket-sized travel companion is completely up-to-date, with distance indicators and scale convertors to assist with route planning. There’s also extensive coverage of the maps that helps travellers to cross boundaries geographically with the same map. 
  • Finland: The Finland map from Michelin comes from a company renowned for its easy-to-read map options. This is a great choice for travellers who want an overall picture of their route, complete with practical road information
  • Norway: Another brilliant choice from the Michelin team, this Norway map covers all of the practical road and travel information you might need for exploring Norway. You can even check out high-level street indexes, so you never lose your way. 
  • Greenland: Check out the Greenland travel map for a guide to Greenland on double-sided, tear-resistant, and waterproof maps. There’s plenty of useful information here about places of interest and routes of expeditions across Greenland too. 

If you’re looking for a way to transform the way you look at maps of Scandinavia, check out some of the incredible print-on-demand products that you can get from places like RedBubble and Etsy. It’s becoming much easier to find maps embossed onto throws, rugs, and pillows. 

Quick questions when looking for Scandinavia maps

When you’re looking for a map of Scandinavia, it’s worth making sure that you know what to expect. Here are some answers to common questions:

Which countries are in Scandinavia? 

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are all part of Scandinavia from a geographical and political sense. 

Sometimes, you can add Finland and Iceland, which often means that you’re looking at a Nordic map, rather than a traditional Scandinavian map. 

What continent is Scandinavia in?

Scandinavia is a part of Europe, which means that it should show up in a European map. Most people refer to the Nordics as Northern Europe. The countries making up the Scandinavian peninsula maps are Norway and Sweden. 

Is Finland or Iceland a part of Scandinavia?

Politically and geographically, Iceland and Finland don’t belong to Scandinavia, but they are part of the Nordics map. 

Historically, and culturally, Finland and Iceland also share many aspects of their history and background with Scandinavian regions. 

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