Swedish Cider Brand

The ultimate list of the best Swedish cider brands

Swedish cider brands have become popular worldwide recently, with some of the largest companies making significant moves. The UK is one popular market, and the trend has even found its way to the United States.

Swedish ciders are known for their relatively sweet tastes, especially when compared to many traditional ciders elsewhere in Europe. They also use some of the world’s purest spring water, and you will find them in a wide variety of places — including bars and restaurants.

Moreover, there’s something to meet all taste buds.

While regular Swedish cider is more popular abroad than it is domestically, it still has fans in Scandinavia’s largest country.

This article will provide a list of the best Swedish cider brands, and we’ll also tell you about other things you should know — such as age limits and where you can get them from.

Where can I buy Swedish ciders in Sweden?

Sweden has many complex alcohol laws that you might find confusing if you’re not from Norway, Finland, or Iceland. To buy Swedish ciders, you will typically need to go to Systembolaget — the country’s main alcohol monopoly.

It’s not possible to find cider in grocery stores, with some exceptions.

Systembolaget stocks a wide selection of ciders from Sweden, with a range of well-known and smaller brands available. Moreover, you can get a good variety of flavors — including pear and raspberry. Drinks are available in both cans and bottles.

You will find Systembolaget stores in most major Swedish cities, with plenty available throughout Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Uppsala, and Lund, to name five. Opening times vary depending on the time of the week, and they’re always closed on Sundays.

If you happen to visit during the Swedish summer, you can find the best Swedish cider brands in several bars and restaurants throughout the country.

Note that drinking an alcoholic beverage in public isn’t allowed in most parts of Sweden, so — if you get your drinks from Systembolaget — you almost always cannot take them to a park or waterfront and drink them.

How old do I have to be to drink Swedish cider?

If you plan to sample the best cider from Sweden, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old if you’re in Sweden. That’s the legal age for both buying drinks from Systembolaget and doing so while out, regardless of whether you have it with a meal.

Outside of Sweden, the legal drinking age will depend on where you are. In most US states, for example, you’ll have to be at least 21. You can have a cider with a meal in the UK if you’re 16, but you must be 18 if you want to purchase it from a shop.

Check which legal drinking age applies to you based on your location.

What’s the best Swedish cider?

Determining our favorite Swedish cider is tricky, and your preferences might differ. As such, naming the best option is impossible and largely subjective.

What’s the solution? Simple: Make a list of the top brands from the country. Below, you’ll find a list of Swedish cider brands worth checking out.

Swedish Cider Brand


Rekorderlig is one of the most famous cider brands from Sweden, and you will find its drinks in several countries worldwide. The brand was one of the early movers in the revolution of cider brands from Sweden.

It was originally founded in 1996 — not long after Kopparberg re-established its intention to bring cider to the Swedish market.

To this day, Rekorderlig has retained its base in Vimmerby — a small town in Southern Sweden. You will find several flavors, including strawberry lime — which is one of its most popular. Others include pear, apple, and passion fruit.

Rekorderlig cider is especially popular in the UK, and it has recently spent a lot on branding itself in the market. For example, it sponsored Huddersfield Town — who play in the Championship — for the club’s first season back in the second tier and the following one.

In addition to Sweden and the UK, you will find Rekorderlig in dozens of other countries. New Zealand is one of those markets; you can also get it in South Africa, Denmark, and Canada.

Swedish Cider Brand
Credit: Magnus D


Kopparberg is the king of the best Swedish cider brands, and its renaissance has inspired the creation of several other Swedish cider producers throughout the country.

The brand initially had the idea of creating cider in the early phases of the 20th century, but — for multiple reasons — it didn’t really get off the ground.

During the period between its early days and rekindling the intention to make Swedish cider, Kopparberg focused primarily on beer. But in 1994, it chose to give its first love another chance. Since then, things have gone pretty well; it’s expanded to several countries, including Greece and the UK.

These days, you will find several flavors of Kopparberg on the shelves at Systembolaget. If you’re based in Britain, you will almost certainly have seen the strawberry and lime edition in the country’s supermarkets.

Others that you can enjoy include passion fruit. You can find both alcohol and non-alcohol versions.

Following the success of its ciders, Kopparberg has diversified into numerous other alcohol genres. You’ll find gin created by the brand, in addition to vodka.

One of its most unique products is the frozen cider, which goes particularly well on those bright summer days when the temperatures play fair.

Kopparberg originated in the namesake town, located close to Örebro in the middle of the country. It’s the town’s main employer.

Älska Cider

Älska Cider’s name is pretty easy to explain in Swedish. It means “Love Cider”, and — as you might expect — it’s exactly what cider lovers should think about trying.

The idea for the drink came about in Stockholm in the summer of 2012. Since then, Älska Cider has gone about its business well and expanded beyond Sweden into other markets as well.

If you want to try Älska Cider, you can choose from a wide selection of intriguing flavors. Strawberry and lime is one of its most popular options. Nordic berries, which includes blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, is also worth checking out if you’re looking for something a little more unique.

Another interesting flavor you can find with Älska Cider is peach, mango, and lime. It’s one of the best Swedish cider brands in Systembolaget, and it’s also available in Europe and beyond. You can find Älska Cider in the UK, Finland, Iceland, and Switzerland, plus other countries.

Swedish Cider Brand
Credit: Brännland Cider

Brännland Cider

If you’re looking for one of the more unique Swedish cider makers on our list, consider checking out Brännland Cider. The company originates from Northern Sweden in Västerbotten County, and it’s not far from the city of Umeå.

The company was founded in 2010, and it uses apples from Sweden’s northern regions to create the flagship product.

In addition to its Northern Swedish apples, Brännland Cider also uses a blend of fruit grown in the country’s south. Unlike some of the other Swedish cider brands we mention, Brännland Cider does not have a huge selection of products; instead, it focuses on honing a select few.

Brännland Cider has ice ciders from several years, and — in addition to its ciders — it also makes a couple of wines from apples. You will find the drink in Sweden, but the brand also works closely with partners in the UK. Brännland Cider also operates in Finland.


If you think of craft beers, but for cider and wine, you pretty much get Brutes. The brand was founded in the country’s capital, Stockholm, and it’s the brainchild of three friends who decided to turn a passion into something bigger.

Its slogan is simple: “No bullshit, just fruit”.

To make its drinks, Brutes wild ferments all of its fruits. Its apples primarily come from the islands in Lake Mälaren, which spreads westwards from Stockholm. You will find over 1,000 islands within the lake.

Brutes is available in several bars, shops, and restaurants throughout Sweden. Examples include Gemla Vinbar, Trädgården, and Rost. Elsewhere, you will find its drinks in numerous other countries — including Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.


If we translate the name Fruktstereo to English, it means “Fruit Stereo”. And as you might have expected from its name, this brand is huge on fruit. The company was founded in 2016, and its flagship bar is Bar Cuccurucucù, which is located in the center of Malmö — Sweden’s third-largest city.

Since it was founded, Fruktstereo has become a large cider producer in Sweden’s southern regions. Every year, the company makes more than 80,000 bottles of its drinks and distributes them in its main bar and throughout Systembolaget stores in Sweden.

Fruktstereo does not use nasties like pesticides on the apples it picks. All its fruits are also picked at the source, and you will find several flavor variations. Examples of its ciders and fruit wines include Apple Road, Cider Revolution, and Plumenian Rhapsody.

While Fruktstereo mainly operates in Sweden, you can get the company’s drinks delivered even if you’re not in the country. Fruktstereo ships throughout the EU, with several distributors helping the company deliver its goods.

Liquid Industries

Another of the best Swedish cider brands to make our list is Liquid Industries. The brand is more lowkey than many of the others we’ve mentioned, but you will find its drinks in several Systembolaget stores throughout the country.

It’s best known for The Sour Project, and you can probably imagine what this particular cider tastes like based on the name alone.

The Sour Project is a mixture of green tea, grapefruit, and linden flower. It’s 4.5 per cent in terms of alcohol percentage, and the cider is produced by Hellefors Bryggeri — which is one of the largest in Sweden.

Liquid Industries also has an intriguing cider called The Banana Project, which combines bananas and pears to deliver the end result that you see on shelves today.

Herrljunga Cider

Herrljunga Cider is one of the older Swedish cider brands we’ve mentioned, having been founded in the 1960s. However, it’s also one of the more experimental producers of Swedish cider, with a selection of unique flavors alongside its flagship apple and pear products.

The company is based in the town of Herrljunga, which is in Västra Götaland County and not too far from Gothenburg — Sweden’s second-largest city.

With Herrljunga Cider, you might want to try the strawberry and peach version. You can also sample the strawberry cider, which is perfect on a warm summer’s day. When drinking Herrljunga Cider, you’ve got the opportunity to get your drinks either in cans or a glass bottle.

Other flavors include passion fruit and pineapple. In addition to cider, Herrljunga produces water, juice, and other forms of alcohol — such as wine. You can find its products throughout Sweden, with its drinks available in Systembolaget stores.


Hjerta is another cider producer with several flavors to choose from. Its drinks are produced by Domaine Wines Sweden, which was founded in 1998. Domaine Wines is headquartered in Bromma, which is part of the Stockholm region.

While the company has its base in Sweden, Hjerta’s cider drinks are produced in Austria.

If you want to sample Hjerta’s cider, you will find a wide variety of different flavors. Its lemon cider is ideal if you’re not willing to push the boat too much, but if you are willing to try something new, the smashed passion cider is worth checking out instead.

Cloudy apple is another flavor you’ll find. You can purchase Hjerta’s cider in Systembolaget stores throughout Sweden.

Swedish Cider Brand
Credit: Elin Cider

Elin Cider

Sweden has often been a pioneer in vegetarianism and veganism, but have you ever thought about vegan cider? If you’re willing to give it a try, Elin Cider is the place to go. The brand is part of Umida Group, which is based in Stockholm.

In addition to not using animal products, Elin Cider is also organic. At the time of writing in September 2022, it has one flavor: blueberry. The drink has an alcohol content volume of 4.5%, and you will find it in several Systembolaget stores throughout Sweden.


One of the more flamboyant Swedish cider brands is Hannas, which is a part of Three Towns Independent Brewers. You will find several flavors if you want to try this particular brand, with Rosé D’Amour being one of the most popular versions.

Skumtomte, a Christmas-themed drink, is another one you’ll find on the menu.

Besides experimental flavors, you will also find some of the more standard cider flavors you’re used to seeing. For example, you can X-Tra Päron — which primarily focuses on pear cider. Peach is another option if that’s more of what you like.

Hannas also has a Christmas cider based on the famous pepparkaka biscuits that are popular in Sweden around December. So, if you’re willing to *really* push the boat out, you might want to give that one a go.


Next on our list of Swedish cider brands is KarneCider, whose drinks are produced by Brygghuset Finn. The brewery is another on our list to be based in Southern Sweden, with its base being in Landskrona — roughly halfway between Helsingør and Helsingborg.

KarneCider’s main drink is the apple flavor, which is 4.5% in alcohol volume. Like most of the other drinks on our list, you will find it stocked in several Systembolaget stores throughout Sweden.

In addition to apple, KarneCider also produces a pear version. So, if that’s something you’d rather go for, you will similarly find the drink in various Systembolaget outlets.

Cirre Cirre

If you’re looking for a unique Swedish pear cider, consider Cirre Cirre. The drink is brewed in Sweden, and on top of that, it’s produced in the Stockholm region. It’s one of the newer ciders on our list, having originally been created in 2022.

Cirre Cirre ciders are produced by Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri, located on the island of Fjäderholmen in the Stockholm Archipelago. It’s available in Systembolaget stores in Stockholm and beyond, and you’ll notice it from the distinct bright green can.

Barlingbo Bryggeri

We covered Barlingbo Bryggeri in our ultimate guide to the best brands producing Swedish beers, and it also warrants a place on our list of cider producers. It’s one of the more unique brewers you’ll find in Sweden; Barlingbo Bryggeri is located on the scenic island of Gotland.

While it has the feel of a centuries-old brewery, Barlingbo Bryggeri has actually only been around since 2014.

In addition to pleasing beer lovers, Barlingbo Bryggeri has an apple cider that you can choose from. You can visit the brewery if you ever find yourself on Gotland; it has a restaurant and bar that you can book a table for as well.

Besides the brewery, you’ll find the cider in Systembolaget.  

Cidern från Norrbotten

Norrbotten is right in the north of Sweden, and here is also where you’ll find the Swedish Lapland. The name is exactly what you get when you buy the drink: Cider from Norrbotten.

Cidern från Norrbotten has several flavors to choose from, including blueberry. Beverages with raspberries involved are also available.

Cidern från Norrbotten’s drinks are produced in the region, with the main brewery being in the Älvsbyn municipality. Nyckelbryggerier handles the cider production.

If you want to try one of the flavors out for yourself, you can go to one of Sweden’s Systembolaget stores and pick your favorite.


As we come closer to the end of our list compiling the best Swedish cider brands, DalaBryggeri is another that’s pretty popular domestically. It originates from Dalarna, which is one of the provinces in central Sweden.

DalaBryggeri produces its drinks in the Rättvik municipality, which is around 300 kilometers north of Stockholm.

If you want to try a cider from DalaBryggeri, the apple and lemon one is its main option. You will find it in various Systembolaget stores; it comes in a light green bottle.

In addition to its cider, DalaBryggeri produces a wide selection of beers. And like the cider, you will find these in Systembolaget.

Mora Bryggeri

Mora Bryggeri is located in Mora, which — like DalaBryggeri — is in the central part of rural Sweden. The brewery was originally founded in 1872 and is in Dalarna County, meaning that you might want to try both this one and the previously-mentioned cider if you ever find yourself visiting the region.

If you want to try one of Mora’s cider drinks, you’ll find several options. The pear cider is one of the main options, but you can also give the pumpkin cider a go if you want to try something more unique.

Mora also has a Christmas cider, which consists of apples, cinnamon, and blueberries. You’ll find all of the drinks mentioned in Systembolaget.

More Swedish cider brands than you imagined?

If you thought that Kopparberg and Rekorderlig were the only two Swedish cider brands in existence, you weren’t entirely correct; the history of Swedish cider is much more complex.

As you can see from this list, several companies have jumped on the Swedish cider bandwagon — all bring their own unique twists to what has become an exciting sector. You will find some of the best hard ciders in the world, plus some softer ones. Moreover, the varieties of cider flavors are endless.

Swedish cider is produced using fresh fruits from the country’s vast forests and other natural spaces, with the pure spring water also playing a crucial role in its production. Many brands still make all of their drinks in Sweden, too, ensuring that you receive the highest quality possible.

If you plan to visit Sweden sometime soon, you’ll most certainly want to try at least one of the brands on this list. But even if you’re not able to do so, you’ll find the largest ones also available in several countries elsewhere.

To style your night out in Sweden as you sample all of these ciders, looking your best is a good idea. With that in mind, why not check out our guide to Swedish shoe brands?

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