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Libratone Track Air+ review: True wireless fun

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Libratone is one of the top audio companies to come from Scandinavia — and an iconic brand in Denmark.

Like leaders Bang and Olufsen, Libratone combines the minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavia with a dedication to forward-thinking technology.

Although Libratone is better-known among some consumers as a speaker manufacturer, the company also has a lot to offer from a headphone perspective too.

Lately, Libratone earbuds have been making a positive impact on the tech world, with plenty of customers commending their features.

We decided that it was high time we put some of these impressive headphones to the test.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the Libratone Track Air+ headphones.

These true wireless earbuds promise a great battery life, fantastic comfort, and even support for listening to your favorite music during periods of exercise.

Let’s get started.

Libratone Track Air+ review: Tech specs

The Libratone Track Air+ headphones are ideal for people who live life on the move. True wireless for comfort and freedom, these Libratone earbuds deliver rich sound with sensational performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: H: 3.2cm, W: 2.2cm, D: 1.9cm
  • Weight: 5.6g
  • Charging case: H: 2.9cm, W: 6.3cm, D: 4.3cm
  • Power: 6 hours on one charge
  • 18 hours of charge in battery case
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • AptX and SDC codecs
  • 30 db noise cancelling
  • Libratone app control

Offering a wonderful combination of high-quality sound and noise cancellation, the Libratone Track Air+ earbuds are a good choice for anyone who loves listening to music wherever they are.

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Libratone Track Air+ review: Design

From a design perspective, the Libratone Track Air+ headphones are exactly what you would expect from a Danish brand. You can choose between black and white options, and the cool geometric shape makes these devices look ultra-modern.

The shiny oval housing for your headphone tech is accompanied by an angular stem that avoids the weirdness of the Apple Air pods design.

Another bonus is that your Libratone stems are touch-sensitive, so you can adjust your volume and play with your music playback with just a touch.

Through access to the Libratone app, you can adjust the controls on your earbuds to suit you. However, there’s only the option for one function per earbud, to avoid confusion.

The fit of these Libratone headphones is pretty good too, with a selection of different ear tip sizes to choose from. You also get the benefit of an extra lightweight design, so you don’t have to worry about the earbuds weighing you down.

Despite this, when you put your headphone sin, they feel secure, so there’s less threat of them falling out while you run.

The Libratone Track Air+ headphones also come with their own pill-shaped carry case where you can store them and power up on extra energy. This case feels a little flimsy, but it gets the job done, and it’s small enough to fit in any pocket.

Libratone Track Air+ review: Features

Feature wise, the Libratone Track Air+ headphones are pretty generous. You can enjoy up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge and get another 18 hours from the carrying case too.

There’s also Bluetooth 5.0 so you don’t have to worry about losing connections. Setting up the connection was pretty simple in our tests, and there weren’t any drop-outs to speak of.

Aside from high-quality Bluetooth 5.0, you also get some handy bonus codecs like AptX, which is great if you’re watching videos on your phone and you want to avoid lag.

Libratone also give you the option to charge via your included case, or on a dedicated charging pad.

To access and use your Libratone Track Air+ earbuds, you’ll need the Libratone app — which is pretty straightforward to use.

The app allows you to tie your devices to your phone, and you can experiment with things like sound performance and features for your touch controls. The available EQ presets mean that you’re not stuck with a single sound stage.

Costing less than a couple of hundred dollars, the Libratone track air+ headphones aren’t cheap, but they do offer great value if you’re looking for an excellent performance.

Features include:

  • True wireless with easy syncing for your device
  • Rich, clear sound quality
  • 24 hours of battery in total
  • Splash and sweat-proof design with IPX4 rating
  • Wireless charging case or wireless pad
  • Smart noise cancellation
  • Touch controls
  • 4 available ear tips for comfort
  • Customization options through the Libratone app
  • Pause automatically when you’re not using your headphones
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Libratone Track Air+ review: Performance

It’s not just the attractive design that makes the Libratone Track Air+ headphones stand out. These earbuds are also pretty clever. They pause playback automatically when you’re not listening to them.

You can also choose to turn this function off, but it’s a good option to have if you often forget to turn your headphones off when you’re done with them.

Another bonus is the inclusion of active noise cancellation features. You can swap between different levels of noise cancellation depending on how aware you want to be of the outside world.

With noise-cancelling at 100%, you get a fantastic sound experience that seems to welcome you into a new world.

From a sound quality perspective, the Libratone earbuds are also extremely impressive. The EQ is natural out-of-the-box with rich high notes and deep bass.

Nothing feels particularly rushed or overshadowed, and you get the extra bonus of being able to adjust your EQ settings if you prefer through the Libratone app.

Libratone Track Air+ review: Verdict
The Libratone Track Air+ earbuds are a fantastic, customizable set of earbuds with many great features to offer. With an IPX4 sweat and splash-proof design, you’ll have no problems working out with these headphones.

Plus, you can enjoy an amazing sound quality too.

The headphones are a little pricey, and they’re lacking in some areas. For instance, there’s no smart assistant access included.

However, if you’re looking for great sound and freedom, the Libratone Track Air+ headphones could be ideal for you.
True wireless design
Multiple charging options
Up to 24 hours of battery life
Easy pairing with Bluetooth 5.0
Advanced audio codecs
Simple touch controls
Comfortable design with multiple tips
Customizable EQ functionality
Excellent sound performance
Multiple levels of noise cancellation
IPX4 splash proof
Slightly flimsy carry case
Quite expensive
No voice assistant
Where to buy

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