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Libratone Too review: A small speaker with big sound

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If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker, then you might have encountered a handful of great Scandinavian brands on your adventures.

There’s Bang and Olufsen, with its iconic commitment to sound and style, then there’s new and emerging companies like Urbanears.

Libratone might not be as well-known as Bang and Olufsen yet, but it’s gaining a pretty impressive following. This Danish startup has wowed countless listeners with products like the Zipp and the Zipp 2.

Today, we’ll be looking at a slightly smaller, more portable product from Libratone, the Libratone Too.

The Too is a handy portable speaker with a unique name. Not to be confused with the word “two”, the “Too” part of the title refers to the fact that wherever you go, your music can go with you.

So, does Libratone deliver the kind of audio experience that you’d expect from a country that helped to create the likes of Dali? Let’s find out.

Libratone Too review: Tech specs

Don’t let the compact size of the Libratone Too fool you. This eye-catching speaker might be portable, but it comes with a ton of power.

Equipped with sensational volume and 360-degree full-room sound, this is a device that won’t let you down.

Technical specs:

  • Dimensions: W- 21 x D- 6.5 x H-5.9 cm
  • Weight: 588 grams
  • Power: 12 hours of active use
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 360-degree full-room audio
  • Micro USB charging
  • 4.1 Bluetooth input
  • 3.5mm mini-jack
  • Speakerphone

This is a sensational product for audio lovers, capable of filling any regular room with sound. With 12 hours of battery life and a range of features to explore.

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Libratone Too review: Design

A compact piece of audio tech, the Libratone Too looks sleek and stylish, perfect for those who love Scandi minimalism.

With the Too, you get something about the size of an average water bottle — sleek and simple enough to throw into a backpack, or even a large pocket.

The rubber capsule comes with a chunky hook or carry handle, making it ideal for adventures through the great outdoors. The IPX4 is also splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about rain getting in the way of your musical adventures.

Flip the rubber covers on your Libratone speakers, and you’ll find both a 3.5mm audio input and a USB charging port. The Libratone also comes with a single power button that allows you to turn your music on in seconds.

If you swipe your finger around the edge of the Libratone logo, you can control the volume too. A single tap on the logo pauses or plays your music.

The Libratone logo will also double up as a battery meter, showing you how much charge you have left, and it can take calls for you hands-free too.

Libratone Too review: Features

Libratone has created an attractive portable speaker with the Libratone Too. This affordable speaker comes with a set of 1.5 inch full-frequency drivers, as well as 2 3-inch passive radiators offering balanced frequency responses.

There’s also support for 360-degree sound, so you get the same audio quality at any angle.

Compact enough for grab-and-go performance, the Libratone speakers come with Bluetooth 4.1 technology for quick connections, and the option to connect two of your speakers together.

There’s also a pretty robust battery life which offers 12 hours at up to 75% volume.

For a price of around $130, features include:

  • Premium sound quality
  • 360-degree music freedom
  • 30 watt maximum sound power
  • Compact grab-and-go size
  • Tws mode for connecting two speakers
  • 12 hours of battery life
  • Online internet radio streaming
  • Libratone app for pre-sets
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • IPX4 splash-proofing

Everything from the internet radio function to the presence of online internet radio makes the Libratone Too an excellent purchase. You can even use this speaker to take hands-free calls when you’re on the move.

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Libratone Too review: Performance

Once you’re connected to the Too (via aux-in or Bluetooth), you can expect a professional, high-quality experience. Sound delivery is very good, with plenty of crisp high notes to discover and a punchy bassline, size considered.

This Libratone speaker might be small, but it delivers impressive volume, and is perfect for getting the most out of every detail of your music.

If you’re looking for full 360-degree sound, the Too definitely delivers. This product really makes it easy to get the right quality of sound from any angle.

The Libratone Too also comes with access to the fantastic Libratone app, which you can use to access your internet radio, Bluetooth streaming and so much more.

However, you don’t need to mess with the Libratone’s EQs too much to get a great quality of sound. The Too delivers great clarity straight out of the box.

It might not be as robust as some other portable speakers on the market in terms of bass and waterproofing, but it’s great for the price.

Libratone Too review: Verdict
The Libratone Too is a proficient and portable Bluetooth speaker. With high-quality sound and excellent battery life to offer, this device is sure to play an important role in your hiking kit.

With the Libratone Too, you can enjoy a fantastic high-performance speaker that demonstrates all of the best parts of Danish design.

It’s not the cheapest product in the world, but it definitely has a lot of value to offer for the price.
Splash proof
Pairs with multiple devices
Great sound quality
Good 360-degree volume
Convenient and portable size
Excellent Danish design
Handy app for controlling music
Internet radio access
Bluetooth streaming works well
Speakerphone functionality
Not the best touch controls
Not completely waterproof
Where to buy

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