Get to know Bodum: The Danish kitchen experts


Fancy a taste of Danish culture? Why not enjoy it fresh-pressed, and perfectly brewed? 

Bodum is a Danish kitchenware company, committed to bringing the peace and tranquility of the Scandinavian landscape into kitchens worldwide.

Known best for their incredible French press, and high-quality products for home brewing, Bodum could be the perfect brand for your morning routine.

Similar to other Danish companies, like Nordgreen, or Bang and Olufsen, Bodum stands out in its niche for its ability to blend flavors of Scandi tradition, with stunning modern style.

When the Bodum brand launched more than 70 years ago, the creators had a mission. They wanted to bring high-quality tea and coffee solutions to everyone.

Today, Bodum delights families across the globe with innovative designs, produced at affordable prices. Plus, every Bodum item you buy comes with an extra dose of altruism.

That’s because Bodum is fully committed to sustainable practices and environmental friendliness.


An introduction to the Bodum brand

So, who makes Bodum products?

Today, there are teams located all around the world. Bodum has flagship stores in France, Brussels, Frankfurt, and various other locations. You can buy a Bodum French press in 55 countries worldwide.

However, Bodum wasn’t always such a global company. The company’s journey began in 1944, when Peter Bodum built a small kitchenware store in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the early years of the company, Peter Bodum imported glass to Denmark, and started creating products that were innovative and affordable for everyone.

In the 1950s, Bodum created the first vacuum coffee maker — the MOCCA. After that, the SANTOS vacuum coffee maker appeared in 1958.

As the years passed, Bodum continued to discover new and improved ways to bring delicious flavors to households. In 1974, Jorgen Bodum, Peter’s son, took over the Bodum company.

He launched the company’s first French coffee press, the Bistro. That French press went on to be named the most environmentally friendly coffee press in the world.

Today, Jorgen still runs Bodum with his sister, Pia Bodum. The range of products available from the company has evolved drastically, including everything from juicers and coffee grinders, to mixers.

What are the best Bodum products? Coffee and tea

Bodum products are dedicated to bringing delicious coffee and tea drinks to people all over the world. The most popular offerings from the company include everything from the incredible Eileen Bodum coffee press to the Bodum coffee grinder, and teapot.

Here are just some of Bodum’s top-selling products:


1. Bodum Bistro Melior kettle

Perfect for both coffee and tea, the Bistro Melior kettle is a versatile product that offers easy water flow control and a stunning traditional design.

Featuring durable stainless steel and a reliable cork handle, the Bodum kettle will transport you to simpler times with every delicious cup of chamomile, or oolong tea.


2. Bodum tea jug

The Bodum Melior tea jug is an excellent accompanying item for the Bodum tea kettle. Sleek and stylish, this chic tea jug is perfect for refreshing iced tea and chilled beverages. The generous size is ideal for garden parties, and the versatile drug also offers a sturdy handle for a convenient pouring experience, every time.


3. Bodum Pour Over

Beautifully simple, the Pour Over is still one of the best Bodum coffee maker options on the market. Available in a range of sizes, this Pour Over jug allows you to make an excellent cup of coffee in no time.

The heat-resistant glass will stand the test of time, while the Pour Over design itself offers the perfect, elegant design for any kitchen. Just add coarse ground coffee and pour your water over.


4. Bodum Columbia

This Bodum coffee maker is a perfect insight into traditional French coffee brewing. Add the hot water and ground coffee to the stunning stainless steel jug, and you’ll have an amazing drink in no time.

The durable design comes with Bodum’s patented safety lid to ensure that you make the most of every serving.


5. Bodum ePEBO

Bring science and art into your coffee brewing experience, with the Bodum ePEBO. This unique vacuum coffee maker offers a look at the technology that helped the Bodum brand to thrive so many years ago.

The vacuum brewing method allows you to extract all of the oils of the coffee beans for deeper and more intense flavors.


6. Bodum Mocca

The Mocca coffee maker was the first product ever created by Bodum, and it plays an important role in the company’s product portfolio today. This vacuum brewer coffee machine comes with a gas burner beneath it, bringing more energy efficiency to your morning coffee.

This stunning machine comes with everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee, complete with a burner, and a highly heat resistance glass jug.

Which is the best Bodum French press?

Over the years, the Bodum brand has expanded its range significantly. The company started with a focus on only coffee and tea. However, today, Bodum fans can shop for everything from BBQ grill accessories, to electronic coffee makers, toasters, and blenders.

Despite Bodum’s evolving product portfolio, the French press continues to be one of the brand’s best-selling products. The company offers French press designs to suit every need, from delightful spacious options for bigger families, to stunning pieces of countertop artwork.


1. Bodum French press (Eileen)

Perhaps the best Bodum French press on the market for those in search of unlimited elegance and beauty, the Eileen is a stunning product.

Designed in honor of the designer Eileen Grey, this classic French press delivers delicious coffee, combined with unbeatable style. The Eileen is available in three colors, and all options are 100% dishwasher safe.


2. Bodum Brazil

The Brazil Bodum French press offers a more minimalistic Scandinavian design compared to the Eileen. This durable device is affordable, user friendly, and brilliant for everyday use.

There are no complicated components involved. Just add your coffee and hot water, then plunge when the time is right.

The best thing about the Brazil is that it’s completely environmentally friendly. There’s no paper filters or plastic capsules required.


3. Bodum Chambord

The Bodum Chambord is one of the biggest and most versatile coffee makers from Bodum. This iconic French press product is a true original from the Bodum lineup, and an iconic piece of kitchenware for coffee lovers worldwide.

This delightful product comes with the simple yet elegant aesthetic that Bodum customers love. At the same time, it offers more freedom than many of the competing French press options on the market.

This product is available in a range of sizes, all the way up to 51 ounces!

Newer Bodum products: Home and accessories

As mentioned above, the Bodum brand has come a long way over the years. Bodum products today range from beautiful glasses and cups, to electric kettles and coffee grinders.

While we can’t cover all of the available Bodum accessories online today, here’s a list of some of our favorites!


1. Bodum coffee grinder (Burr)

The Bodum coffee grinder, otherwise known as the Burr, is a stylish and powerful machine, available in a range of colors to suit every taste. With a one-touch button for easy grinding, the Burr has 12 adjustable grind settings.

There’s also a pre-set timer so you can ensure you’re only grinding the exact amount of coffee you need and nothing more.


2. The Bodum travel mug

A reliable travel mug is a valuable product to have these days. As the world becomes more environmentally friendly, people are spending less money on throw-away products. The Bodum travel mug will stand the test of time — offering an excellent way to keep your tea or coffee warm on the move.

Available in a range of sizes and colors, Bodum has something to suit every taste.


3. Bodum Bistro storage

The Bodum Bistro range of storage containers is a beautiful and elegant way for any homeowner to transform their kitchen. Products like the BISTRO bread box are excellent for those who want simple and eco-friendly storage.

The bamboo lid can also function as a crumb-catching lid and cutting board.

Bodum also offers a range of smaller BISTRO products too, such as the lunchbox with added cutlery. This environmentally-friendly lunch box is compact, stylish, and perfectly portable.

Not only do you get a product that’s durable and secure, but the bistro lunchbox is reliable and practical too.


4. The Bodum Presso range

Another excellent insight into Bodum’s storage range. The Presso selection of storage jars can help homeowners to completely organize their kitchen. The original collection appeared in the product lineup in 1982, and it’s continued to hold onto its popularity ever since.

The modern Presso collection features an extremely durable design that’s perfect for withstanding high temperatures. The jar is microwave safe and offers fantastic flexibility for customers who have a lot of different ingredients to sort through.


Upgrade your kitchen with Bodum

Bodum is an excellent example of a Danish brand that’s taking the world by storm. Loved for its ability to introduce people to a better quality of life, Bodum makes excellence easier to access.

With eco-friendly designs that protect the planet, and affordable prices, Bodum has captured the hearts of consumers worldwide.

Today, the Bodum brand continues to pay homage to the traditional designs and values that brought the brand to life.

At the same time, this is a company that’s not afraid to experiment with new ideas. We’re looking forward to the arrival of new products in the Bodum lineup going forward.

In the meantime, why not check out our other articles here at Scandification, for more amazing insights into some of the best Scandi companies.

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