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The Georg Jensen brand: An introduction to Scandi style


There are plenty of things to fall in love with about Denmark. The location is one of the most beautiful in the world, with countless stunning seaside villages to explore. 

At the same time, Denmark is also home to some of the most incredible brand consumers have ever heard of too.

If you’ve ever been blown away by the stunning Scandinavian watches of Nordgreen, or discovered the beauty of a Bang and Olufsen speaker, then you’ll know how inspirational this landscape can be.

Today, we’re going to be looking at another of the world’s best-known Danish brands: Georg Jensen. Located in Denmark, Copenhagen, the Georg Jensen brand is famous for its incredible tableware, jewellery, wine, and bar accessories. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the George Jensen Copenhagen story.

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Georg Jensen Denmark: George Jensen history

Incredibly, the Georg Jensen watch, jewellery, and other famous pieces have been a part of Danish culture for more than 100 years. The company began with Danish silversmith Georg Jensen back in 1904, who created his company at the top of the Art Nouveau era.

Jensen’s work focuses on an ethos that’s very popular throughout Scandinavia. Designers in the region believe that products should be both beautiful, and functional. 

In addition to creating a modern vision that would carry the company into the next century, Jensen also embraced collaborative work too. The Georg Jensen brand constantly works alongside other designers with a shared vision

Interestingly, Jensen started life as a ceramicist. At age 14, the designer began an apprenticeship with a goldsmith. His artistic skills focused mainly on sculpture, but he eventually returned to metalwork, including silver pieces and jewellery. 

Jensen showed his work at various major exhibitions, eventually winning a gold medal for his efforts at the Brussels Exhibition in 1910. He quickly developed a reputation as an original and outstanding silversmith, moving to a larger workshop in 1912. 

Jensen only purchased his first factory building in 1919. 

The silverware created by Georg Jensen was immediately extremely popular, and a huge commercial success. In fact, Jensen was the first silver-maker to discover a profit from the manufacture of modern silver solutions. 

Until Jensen began his career, virtually all silverware harnessed the same traditional designs. Jensen was the first with something new to offer. 

The growing popularity of Georg Jensen silverware

Georg Jensen’s unique approach to silver and metal work meant that the firm grew rapidly, expanding quickly throughout Europe, with branches in New York city and London. In both areas, Jensen’s work set trends for contemporary tableware. 

Georg quickly became one of the first designers to fashion steel, formerly only regarded fit for inexpensive and low-quality flatware, into cutlery and other products that were both practical and stunning. 

Today, you can find everything from a Georg Jensen candle holder, to a George Jensen clock or bowl. 

By the close of 1935, the company had branches worldwide, carrying more than 3,000 patterns in stock. Jensen believed that it wasn’t fair to his customers for him to discontinue old patterns. This meant that many designs stood the test of time. 

When Jensen died, his son, Soren Georg Jensen took over. By 1973, the company earned the ownership of the Royal Scandinavia group. 

For years, the Georg Jensen jewellery and accessories company has occupied the former porcelain factory for the Royal Copenhagen group. 

On premise, around 25 silversmiths spend months single-handedly polishing, hammering, and soldering silver pieces that perfectly blend the concepts of art and practicality.

Georg Jensen Copenhagen: Memorable pieces

The Georg Jensen company now produces a wide range of products. Throughout the world, in Georg Jensen stores, you can find everything from earrings to candle holders and bowls. No matter what kind of product you explore from Georg Jensen, you’re sure to find the same qualities. 

Showcasing the heart of Danish design, Georg Jensen’s pieces are both practical and beautiful. Their timeless beauty makes Jensen products a memorable part of any home or outfit. 

Here are some excellent examples of Georg Jensen silverware and other designs.

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1. Georg Jensen mirror polished bowl

The Georg Jensen bowl is one of the most iconic components of the company’s portfolio. Created to deliver both sophistication and practicality, these items stand the test of time. One particularly attractive option is the mirror polished bowl created through collaboration with Ilse Crawford. 

This high-quality bowl is a great addition to any home, with a uniquely practical, yet eye-catching approach to design. This sleek and attractive steel bowl is sure to blow anyone away, with its understated elegance and beauty. 

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2. Georg Jensen necklace with infinity pendant

Although Georg Jensen necklaces hasn’t been around for as long as other items, like the Georg Jensen candle holder, they’re rapidly increasing in popularity. Georg Jensen jewellery items seem like a natural progression for the brand. 

The products that Jensen’s company earned its fame for, are popular for their attractive appearance and unique design. 

Products like the infinity pendant follow on from that sleek and timeless aesthetic. The Jensen brand currently has a wide selection of stunning products to choose from, ranging from the Aria Georg Jensen necklaces, to the Torun set of bangles.

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3. Georg Jensen candle holder (Harmony)

George Jensen candle holders are another popular component of the company’s portfolio. These holders come in a wide selection of designs, ranging from the basic, yet elegant, to complex designs that offer the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. 

Products like the Georg Jensen Harmony are another example of how the Georg Jensen company works so well with other like-minded designers. In this case, the Harmony comes from inspiration from Maria Berntsen. 

The Georg Jensen Cobra candleholder follows a similar design process, with guidance from Constantin Wortmann

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4. Georg Jensen clock

Georg Jensen clocks are famous across the globe for their minimalist approach to design. Just like other Georg Jensen silverware and accessories, these clocks are beautiful to look at, and functional too. 

This particular stainless steel option comes from a collaboration with Henning Koppel.

Over the years, Jensen has explored a variety of other clock designs, including smaller alarm clocks with their own holder.  

5. Georg Jensen Carafe

One of the things that made Jensen so appealing and interesting throughout the years, is that he has not forced himself to remain focused on a specific material. Though Georg started working in ceramics, he quickly moved onto silverware, then steel. 

The Georg Jensen brand today now features various wooden and glass items. For instance, this glass and wooden Carafe from Georg Jensen and Alfredo Haberli is a great example of the Georg Jensen brand transformation. 

Jensen’s team also works with Alfredo Haberli on a range of other designs, including other glasses and even coloured vase options

Elsewhere, products like the Georg Jensen HK Bonbonniere onion highlight the heritage of the brand in silver and steel work, while also experimenting with new materials, like solid brown oak

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6. Georg Jensen wine bucket

Today, with everything from Georg Jensen jewellery to explore, to a host of accessories created alongside other famous designers, there’s no limit to the options that people have for bringing this unique aspect of Scandinavian design into their home. 

Functional and chic, this champagne or wine bucket from Jensen comes with two distinct layers of steel to deliver an insulating impact that keeps the ice colder for longer. These stainless steel products are hand-polished, and each has its own unique essence to enjoy. 

Items like this bucket work alongside other amazing accessories from Georg Jensen, like the Copenhagen cutlery set, and the Bloom serving spoons, which show that items can be beautiful and functional at the same time. 

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7. Georg Jensen bracelets

Although we’ve focused on a specific Georg Jensen product for each of our list items up until now, it’s difficult to draw attention to just one Georg Jensen bracelet. 

Although all of the jewellery from this brand has incredible beauty to offer, some product, like the bracelets, are particularly eye catching. 

The Georg Jensen Mercy bangle is one of the more attractive pieces of statement jewellery to come out of Denmark, for instance. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that offers timeless vintage appeal, the George Jensen Moonlight Moonstone bracelet is incredible.

Discovering Georg Jensen: An icon of Denmark

Like many designers from the Scandinavian nation, Georg Jensen earned a name for himself that outlived the man himself. The brand is still synonymous with Danish design, appearing in everything from jewellery to homeware. 

Lovers of the Georg Jensen company say that there’s a unique lightness to the things that the designer creates. These items aren’t clumsy or mass-produced. Everything has a great deal of detail to consider. 

Though Jensen’s pieces aren’t the cheapest on the market, they offer a kind of value that today’s Danish expect from their products. 

Whether you choose one of the traditional pieces that still appears in the Jensen portfolio today, or you opt for something newer, produced in collaboration with a leading brand, you know you’re getting quality. These are products that stay beautiful and incredible for years at a time. 

Good luck finding your Georg Jensen signature piece. Don’t forget to check out our other articles here at Scandification for more insight into Scandi creations.

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