Swedish Shoe Brands
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The ultimate guide to the best Swedish shoe brands

While many people know about fashion from Sweden, Swedish shoe brands perhaps go under the radar in comparison. To rectify this, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about shoe brands from Sweden. So, let your fingers do the walking, and read on…

Sweden is well-known for its impact on the global fashion scene. You’ve almost certainly seen an H&M store somewhere in the world, but that’s not all there is to this trendsetting land in Europe’s far north.

Companies like Nudie Jeans have also taken domestic and international markets by storm, and the same is true for outdoor brands like Fjällräven.

As you might expect, Swedish shoes tend to be of exceptional quality; putting the Sweden flag on any item of clothing is almost guaranteed to gain the trust of your prospective buyers.

You’ll find a huge range of shoe types, ranging from sneakers that you can wear while strutting around downtown Stockholm to more formal wear that will help you nail that job interview you’re going for.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best Swedish shoe brands. To make it easier for you to digest, we’ve broken the piece down into multiple sections: sneakers, boots, outdoor shoe brands, and more. 

Designer shoe brands from Sweden

To get proceedings underway, we figured it would be worth starting off with the luxury Swedish shoe brands that you might (or might not) have heard of. Below, you’ll find four of the country’s most popular designer shoe companies.

Swedish Shoe Brands
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Tiger of Sweden

Look no further if you’re looking for an iconic Swedish shoe brand designed for men. Tiger of Sweden is one of the country’s best-known shoe companies, and it’s also popular in neighboring countries like Denmark.

Founded by Hjalmar Nordström and Markus Schwarzmann in 1903, Tiger of Sweden has been a mainstay in the Swedish men’s fashion game for well over a century.

You’ll find Tiger of Sweden in several Swedish department stores, including the largest one — Åhléns — which has outlets in Stockholm, Lund, Malmö, and other cities. The company stocks a wide range of shoes, including well-crafted boots for casual and formal settings.

You’ll also find comfortable sneakers, and all of these shoes share one thing in common: timeless design of high quality.

In addition to shoes for men, Tiger of Sweden has a large women’s footwear collection. Here, you’ll find sandals and sneakers — plus much more.

Tiger of Sweden’s flagship store is in Stockholm, but the company also delivers to various countries. If you live in Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, and several other territories, you can purchase items.

When shopping with Tiger of Sweden, you’ll also find numerous well-designed clothes to pair with your shoes — including jeans and suits.

Swedish Shoe Brands

Vagabond Shoemakers

Another of the best Swedish shoe brands to make our designer list is Vagabond; the footwear division of this company is known as Vagabond Shoemakers.

The company’s shoes are made in Vietnam these days, and like Tiger of Sweden, they combine well-crafted design with timeless style and comfort for good measure.

Vagabond hasn’t been around for as long as Tiger of Sweden; the company was founded in 1993. Nonetheless, its three decades or so on this planet have proven fruitful thus far — and that’s highly unlikely to slow down at any point in the near future.

By the time Vagabond Shoemakers had burst onto the scene, the original clothing brand had already been making moves in Sweden for 20 years.

Nilsson Peterzén founded Vagabond Shoemakers and remains the Vice President and Creative Director to this day. Her family formed the previous company, and Vagabond Shoemakers originates from Gothenburg — Sweden’s second-largest city.

Vagabond Shoemakers offers a wide collection of shoes for men and women. Its men’s Chelsea boots are made of quality leather and the perfect companion for those many rainy and windy days that you’ll get on Sweden’s west coast.

But perhaps the best-known member of its collection is the elegant Derby shoes.

In the women’s collection, you’ll find sneakers, sandals, and flats — plus several other styles of shoes to wear throughout the year.


Another of the best-known Swedish shoe brands is Myrqvist, a high-quality footwear company with its main store in Stockholm — the country’s largest city and birthplace of many major tech companies alongside fashion.

The company is one of the newer brands on this list, having only formed in 2016. Since then, however, it has matured very well to become a popular brand in the domestic market.

Like Tiger of Sweden and Vagabond Shoemakers, Myrqvist is well-known for its high-quality shoes — and despite their hefty price tags, making a purchase for whatever you’re looking for is very much worth it.

For now, the company focuses on men’s footwear — and it has a pretty sizable collection in this respect.

Some of the footwear Myrqvist sells includes formal shoes, such as Oxfords — and hybrid ones like loafers. But that’s far from it; you will also find a wide range of boots, such as Chelsea boots, that you can wear in various settings.

And for those gloriously long Swedish summer days, the company has you sorted with perhaps the most elegant sandals you’ve ever seen.

Myrqvist, founded by Sebastian Öhrn, has a land-based store in Stockholm’s centrally-located Norrmalm district. But if you’re unable to make the trip to Sweden’s capital any time soon, you can also order the stuff you’re looking for online.

Keep in mind, though, that shipping may vary depending on where you’re ordering from.

Swedish Shoe Brands
Credit: ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier

Before moving onto different Swedish shoe brand categories, we can’t round up the best designer shoe brands from Sweden without looking at ATP Atelier.

Like Myrqvist, ATP Atelier is a relatively new player in the Swedish footwear scene; the company was founded in 2010 by Jonas Clason and Maj-La Pizzelli. However, like the previously-mentioned brand on our list, ATP Atelier has already made a pretty big impression.

The “ATP” in ATP Atelier stands for “All Tomorrow’s Parties”, and its footwear is designed largely for women. You’ll find a wide range of clothing to help you dress up for a big night out or a fancy occasion, regardless of the season; the company has a pretty large selection of pumps and heels.

If you need something for colder days when your feet are better off fully covered, ATP Atelier has a wide selection of high-quality boots in a broad range of styles. You’ll find chunky boots, as well as ankle ones, and much more.

For warmer days on the beach or at a cookout, ATP Atelier has a wide selection of sandals and similar footwear for you to choose from. You can purchase items at several stores across the globe, including in Sweden, the US, Denmark, and Canada.

Swedish sneaker brands

Okay, so you’ve now got a pretty good idea of the best Swedish designer shoe brands. But considering that Swedish society is relatively laid-back, it’s unlikely that you’ll need formal footwear in everyday life.

Unless you’re an investment banker or something else high-end, you’re probably okay with wearing sneakers — though you might need to layer up on the socks when the weather gets cold.

Below is a selection of the best Swedish sneaker brands for you to sift through.

Axel Arigato

Axel Arigato is a relatively new fashion brand originating from Sweden; the company was founded in 2014 by Albin Johansson and Max Svärdh. As you might have guessed from the name — “arigato” is the Japanese word for “thank you”.

The company has expanded significantly since forming, and you’ll find a large presence elsewhere in Scandinavia — along with across various other countries.

Axel Arigato has footwear to suit people of all ages and genders, and the majority of its sneakers are pretty stylish, to say the least. You can purchase items in several colors, including white with green, orange, or brown tints.

On top of that, you can find regular sneaker heights — plus high-tops and more.

In addition to its broad selection of sneakers, Axel Arigato has several other shoes — including proper boots that you can wear during the winter. In addition, you’ll also find sandals for your summer holidays. 

While shoes are one of Axel Arigato’s main focuses, it isn’t the only thing the company is famous for. You can also purchase a wide selection of clothing, such as knitwear and denim, to complete your outfits.

Axel Arigato has stores in several cities, including London, Copenhagen, and Paris. And if you can’t head down to one of them, you can always order what you’re looking for online and have it shipped to your home address.

Swedish Shoe Brands


You probably know about H&M for its wide selection of affordable clothes, but did you know that the popular high-street brand also has a range of sneakers? If you didn’t, now you do.

The company’s sneaker offerings are generally, as its clothing, not too expensive — making them an excellent entry-level option if you’re seeking to master the Scandi look.

H&M has sneakers for men and women, as well as children. You’ll find a wide range of styles, including canvas trainers and even fancier leather ones. You can also purchase shoes with patterns, plus much more.

You’re probably close to an H&M store regardless of where you are. The company has outlets in several countries across the globe, including the US, the UK, and Denmark — along with Norway and throughout numerous cities in Sweden.

If you’re not a huge fan of high-street shopping, you can also purchase the H&M sneakers you want online. Delivery is usually quick, and you shouldn’t have too many issues finding the kinds of items that you want.

Swedish Shoe Brands


COS is effectively a higher-end version of H&M, with clothing of a higher quality but still relatively affordable. In terms of shoes, the same goes for its selection of sneakers.

It’s another of the Swedish shoe companies on this list to have formed in the 21st century, having burst onto the scene in 2007 in Västerås — a relatively small city not far from Stockholm.

COS is a member of H&M Group, and its presence has expanded significantly since it first came around. You’ll find its stores in various parts of the world, including cities like London, Copenhagen, and Vilnius.

When shopping with COS, you’ll find various high-quality but well-priced shoes for men and women. Its sneakers follow the standard Scandinavian minimalism that you’re probably used to seeing elsewhere, with neutral colors and simple patterns.

In addition to its range of ordinary trainers, you’ll also find sandals and boots — along with lace-up trainers and more.

In addition to its global online stores, you can shop online with COS in several countries — including Denmark and the UK.


The next of our favorite shoe brands from Sweden is EYTYS, and one could argue that it designs the hippest Swedish sneakers that you’ll find with any of these companies.

EYTYS is close to celebrating its 10th anniversary, having formed in 2013; since then, it’s proven itself as an alternative brand for those looking to express themselves through their clothing.

EYTYS has a huge selection of trendy sneakers on show, including some with interesting soles, to say the least. But alongside the various crazy designs that certainly do not fit the stereotypical mold of neutral Swedish colors, you’ll find several sneakers in colors like white and black.

If you find EYTYS interesting and you plan to visit Stockholm in the near future, you’re in luck. You can purchase its items in NK on Hamngatan and NK22 on Norrlandsgatan. As for those in the UK, you might want to pop into its London store to find the sneakers you want.

Of course, like the other brands on this list, you can buy your shoes online and have them shipped to you as well.

Swedish Shoe Brands

Acne Studios

If you’ve spent a bit of time dabbling in Swedish clothing brands, you’ll certainly have heard of Acne Studios. But did you know that the company is also one of the best sneaker brands from Sweden?

Yep, you heard us — Acne Studios also has a selection of footwear for you to match with the stylish jeans you bought.

Unlike many of the shoes we’ve mentioned on this list, Acne Studios’ shoes are a little more daring. But alongside that experimentation, you will notice that its items still have the clean shapes that you’ll probably already associate with Swedish (and Scandinavian altogether, for that matter) footwear brands.

Many of Acne Studios’ shoes are well worth checking out if you’ve got a big event. You’ll find a wide selection of heeled shoes, for example — but it still has a decent range of sneakers.

You can get high-tops if they’re more your jam, but you’ll also find standard low-top ones if you’d prefer to go for those instead.

Swedish boot brands

Sneakers might not do for those long, dark winters in Sweden, and sandals certainly won’t. At the same time, you probably won’t want to wear formal shoes when they aren’t necessary. What’s the option in these cases, then?

Simple: Boots. We’ve already mentioned a couple of companies that let you purchase such footwear, but below are two other Swedish boots brands.

Ten Points

Ten Points is one of the fanciest Swedish bootmakers, and you’ll notice that many of its designs are based on bright or earthy colors — adding a little vibrance to that predominantly black outfit.

The company was founded in 1983 and has its headquarters in Ängleholm — a small town in the northern part of Sweden’s southernmost county, Skåne.

You can purchase several kinds of boots with Ten Points, including Chelsea boots; you’ll also find various materials, such as suede and leather. The company has a wide selection of footwear for men and women, and in addition to boots, you’ll also find a broad range of sandals.

Ten Points balances sustainability and quality while also factoring in affordability alongside those.

Anny Nord

Anny Nord has been around since 1963 and is one of the best Swedish shoe manufacturers for women. The company focuses on high-end boots, including knee-height ones and some that are a little lower.

If you’re looking for something to trudge through Stockholm’s city center when it has just snowed, but you don’t want to freeze, these shoes are ideal.

In addition to its boots, Anny Nord sells a wide selection of other shoes — including sneakers and heels. You can order these items in several countries outside of Sweden, including Denmark.

Outdoor footwear brands from Sweden

Sweden is one of Europe’s best countries for getting into nature, and you’ll quickly notice on a trip here that the Swedes are a very outdoorsy bunch.

However, the country’s climate makes it difficult to spend time outdoors throughout much of the year — which makes it unsurprising that many famous Swedish shoe brands focus on the Great Outdoors.

Below are some of the most famous Swedish outdoor footwear brands — some of which you might already have heard of.

Swedish Shoe Brands
Credit: Haglöfs


Haglöfs is up there with Fjällräven as one of the most famous Swedish outdoor brands in general, but the company has a wide selection of walking boots that are worthy companions for your walks in nature.

The brand was founded in 1914 and has since become one of the most trusted names in Scandinavia for reliable footwear.

You can find a wide selection of outdoor boots for men and women, ranging from ones that go above the ankles to lower ones if that’s your preference for the type of hiking you’re going to do.

In addition to hiking boots, Haglöfs sells trousers, jackets, and several other forms of clothing to keep you warm and dry while out in nature.


While Sweden isn’t known for rain as much as snow, you can get some pretty nasty weather during the autumn and winter — and in some years, even into the Spring.

Moreover, Skåne in the south of the country has a pretty similar climate to nearby Denmark — and that’s unsurprising when you consider that both nations are connected by a single bridge.

Stutterheim has acknowledged the need for high-quality footwear that keeps your feet dry, and that’s why you’ll find a broad range of rain boots for men and women. You can choose from a range of colors, including black and yellow.

In addition to rain boots, you’ll also find rain jackets and more. Stutterheim’s clothing is available in several countries, including the US.

Swedish clogs brands

Believe it or not, Sweden is quite fond of clogs. Maybe not as much as the Dutch, but you will find a couple of famous brands. Below are the main Swedish clogs companies.

Swedish Hasbeens

Swedish Hasbeens is perhaps the best-known company selling Swedish clogs, and they’re fancy enough to be considered standard shoes that you’d wear when out and about doing your everyday activities.

The company has suede clogs alongside other materials, and you’ll find a variety of different colors to match your outfit.

Besides its selection of clogs, Swedish Hasbeens has several other offerings. You can buy various kinds of boots, plus jeans, bags, and more.


Another famous Swedish shoe company selling clogs is Troentorp, which — like Swedish Hasbeens — manages to fit form and function together like few other countries and companies can. You can find both men’s clogs and women’s shoes with Troentorp, along with a selection for children.

You will also find a wide selection of clogs for different uses, such as those you might need for work. On top of that, you can get various boots and clogs that were designed using vegan materials.

Troentorp has been around since 1907, and you can get its clogs delivered to numerous markets across the globe.

Swedish shoe brands, a conclusion

Shoe brands from Sweden are legendary, with Swedish designer shoes and more.

Swedish shoe brands are pretty underrated, but you’ll find a wide selection to fit your needs. This article only touched upon the most famous fashion shoe brands from Sweden, but the reality is that you will find a huge selection that we didn’t have the space to mention.

You can count on Swedish shoes in all weather, and quality is a byword — like it is for most things designed in this corner of the world.

Even if you don’t have the time to visit Scandinavia’s largest country, you can still get many shoes made in Sweden shipped to you — and you might also find flagship stores close to where you live.

If you’re heading to Sweden, you’ll almost certainly want to head out into nature. How about setting off in a campervan for your adventure? If that sounds interesting, we’ve written a full article about camping in Sweden.

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